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Omniflo 5 conveyor

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 20 09:08:42 EST 2006 | mapell

AR Sounds like dirty chains... couple ways to check... Pull off the drive chain for the conveyor. Place a wrench on the (unload end) drive shaft and spin, if it is a bit tough.. dirty rails. Also look at load end of chains. The chain goes low and w

Chain Cleaning

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 10 11:16:56 EST 2002 | Hussman

Anyone know where you can send wave or oven chains to cleaned? Archive HAS been checked.

Boards getting

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 03 08:15:57 EDT 2005 | ajaydoshi

We do pass board on mesh instead of chain for first side. For second side pass on chain.

High Temp Chain Oil

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 20 12:50:32 EST 2008 | soudomphong

Where can I get Tribol 1421/SG high temp chain Oil? Thanks, Seth

Reflow Oven Chains oil

Electronics Forum | Sat Mar 04 13:34:41 EST 2017 | ttheis

We use HILUBE R-220 from moresco on our oven chains.

Wave Chain Cleaning

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 12 22:50:00 EST 2004 | JHahn

We pull our chains and fingers off of our wave and take them down to Carquest autoparts store and have them soaked in an engine degreaser. The then re-lube the chain and re-grease the rails when we first put the chain back on. This is the cure that

Wave Chain Cleaning

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 04 19:03:48 EST 2004 | pdeuel

Have you been re lubing chain after cleaning. Is the chain worn thru from friction on rails. How are carbonized particles removed from inside links after cleaning. What is recomended method for cleaning.

Reflow Oven Chains

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 11 08:34:36 EDT 2006 | SuMoTe

You need to find out what Speedline recomends for lubrication and use it (chain oil and screw shafts). Don't try to be clever or cheap by second sourcing your own concoction. Currently I am using: Tribol for the chain Krytox for the screw shaft

Oven pin chain lube ?

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 11 16:18:41 EDT 2009 | dyoungquist

Oberon (oberonlube.com) makes a high temperature chain lube (oil). When our Heller oven was installed, we were told to use this as the replacement when our original volume of chain oil ran out. I do not know the price for it.

Heller MK3 edge chain maintenance

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 13 08:08:41 EST 2014 | cyber_wolf

The manual says to bake the edge chains at 400C to clean them. Is anybody doing this ? I need to take my edge chains to a heat treat facility to clean them ? I don't want to spray oven cleaner on them as they appear to be plated with nickel or so

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