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pcb change

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 25 15:37:24 EDT 2011 | davef

Find a 555 timer site. Look here http://www.kpsec.freeuk.com/links.htm

career change

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 08 21:36:42 EST 2000 | reg

Hi everyone!! I have less than one year in the US, and I had been working as a field smt engineer. I have almost two years of experience as a manufacturing engineer, but what I really would like to do is process engineering. Can somebody advice

pcb change

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 27 12:40:18 EDT 2011 | accessguy

thanks- looks like it will work - one more thing- if I want to incorporate a beeping or clicking sound, or some audible tone during those 90 sec is there something that can be put on the pcb or do I need an external speaker? thanks again

pcb change

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 20 10:09:20 EDT 2011 | accessguy

I have a simple battery powered led array pcb that is turned on and off via rf remote. I want to modify it so that it turns off after 90 seconds, and it flashes or blinks every second or so during those ninety seconds. Can anyone suggest a forum or w

Nutek NTM640SXL pitch change

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 05 14:46:48 EST 2017 | dcarlson

We just got a used Nutek buffer, NTM640SXL, and I cannot figure out how to change the pitch on it. We have another Nutek buffer that I can change no problem, but for some reason, this one isn't changing. Is there anyone out there that can help? Th

Solder paste change

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 31 01:11:14 EST 2003 | yukim

Hi, we are about to change solder paste for cost issue. Currently using a no clean Sn63 solder paste and tried several others, all no clean, Sn63 and Sn62. Want to ask about reliability test: we did thermal shock test for 8 days. The flux residue cha

email address change

Electronics Forum | Sat Jun 13 11:04:12 EDT 1998 | Earl Moon

To those interested, I have had to change back to my long distance ISP address because my local affiliate has problems. My new address is pod@ix.netcom.com (again) while in Michigan and my phone number remains 734-654-0981 Thanks, Earl Moon

Machine won't change nozzles

Electronics Forum | Fri May 13 11:00:19 EDT 2005 | geb

I have a Universal GSM which won't change nozzles from the changer. It says something along the lines of "timed out waiting for air pressure to build". Even though it has around 100PSI air pressure. Any ideas how to solve this? Cheers

Reel change verification

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 26 19:10:43 EDT 2013 | garym4569

Anyone have experience with any type of aftermarket surface mount reel change verification system that would help prevent an incorrect reel from being loaded? Thanks in advance Gm

EKRA E4 direction change

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 17 05:19:51 EDT 2017 | esolano

Hi All. We have bought EKRA E4 screenprinter. We are running L to R and printer has R to L direction. Does anyone can help me, how to change this ? My id is atulpant@tekmart.com Thanks & Best Regards Atul

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