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DEK265 GSX chase clamp error

Electronics Forum | Tue May 29 08:37:52 EDT 2018 | bukas

screen alignment chase clamp state is ON, it can be turned OFF but when I get out of diagnostics machine turns them ON again. Tooling is set to magnetic, and on other machines I have chase clamps are not energized all until board is in machine and st

DEK265 GSX chase clamp error

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 16 09:15:57 EDT 2018 | bukas

problem was solved by cleaning lid bolt connector on chassis... both lid bolt and chase clamps are controlled by SCB34 card, it seams that there is an issue with poor connection on lid bolt triggering this bug. I assume its bug because other card beh

DEK265 GSX chase clamp error

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 04 09:20:38 EDT 2018 | dekhead

>> mis-alignment?

DEK265 GSX chase clamp error

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 04 09:59:03 EDT 2018 | bukas

correct, I also tried swapping motherboard but still same result. i the mean time i found battery leakage on Eurosys X1, replaced battery but now it won't start communication on machine initialization. got to repair it or something...

DEK265 GSX chase clamp error

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 04 10:16:29 EDT 2018 | dekhead

I have seen battery leakage damage traces on MINT cards... Since you indicate failure on machine initialization, assume you are able to communicate / accomplish MINT download. (?)

DEK265 GSX chase clamp error

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 05 07:30:13 EDT 2018 | bukas

sadly no, I can't open cmd since system doesn't come up, segment display on card shows .L and 8 blinking

DEK print problem?

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 26 09:26:12 EDT 2008 | lloyd

I know you said you checked your clamps but another look will do no harm. we had a very similar issue a while back, and it turned out that the plastic shim under the chase clamp magnet was damaged. This caused the chase clamps not to release properly

Re: Alloy melting Points, This one has it

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 05 18:20:14 EST 1999 | Jeff Sanchez

Man oh man, ok so cut to the chase.lol www.indium.com

humiseal 1c51

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 24 22:22:56 EST 2009 | davef

HumiSeal Division, Chase Specialty Coatings, Pittsburgh, PA 15238; Sales: 412-828-5470

Acceptable standards

Electronics Forum | Tue May 31 10:49:54 EDT 2005 | chunks

Don't forget that loading a feeder will waste parts, depending on the feeder. A lot of bean counters over look this. But then again, they'll spen $100 chasing pennies around.

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