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fod checks

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 21 02:38:06 EDT 2010 | joseph_smile

Hi can any one show me fod identification,controling check list? with regards JOSEPH

Fuji FCP 2 Check Servo issue

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 14 17:10:08 EDT 2010 | travishemen

I would check for stuck inching keys.

Reflow Oven Specifications Check Items

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 15 17:02:34 EST 2018 | davef

Check that it will properly solder the range of boards that you produce

Viking Wafer Map Format

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 23 21:30:25 EST 2020 | stephendo

Could the other 10% be error checking? Error checking would not even have to be at the end.

Very fishy missing solder paste issue

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 19 11:53:04 EDT 2005 | CLampron

seaK, Check your PCB Thickness check in your program. See if it is checking the PCB at this location. Each board the machine will check to find the baseline thickness of each board run. It does this with a tool. I'm thinking this may be it because I

Cracked Capacitors

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 30 17:02:16 EDT 2005 | stepheniii

Check them before the oven for cracks. (after placement) Don't just look at them, take them off the board and check. I"ve seen resisters that were broken by the machine but you couldn't tell untill you took them off. If they are cracked check the co

BGA inspection microscope

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 14 06:18:20 EST 2005 | tk380514

right again grant, consider the fact that if you spend enough time inspecting the soldered boards/pre-oven and check the BGA solder paste pads before, and clean the stencil regularly and check solder paste dryness, check oven profiles then after chec

two-sided design guidelines

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 21 13:51:35 EDT 2002 | stepheno

Check out http://www.aimtronics.com/DFMDecember2000.pdf I"m not sure if there is anything usefull to you in it, and if you are going to check it out check it out soon, the company is in recievership.

Chip placement pressure check.

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 26 06:09:27 EDT 2004 | Eric

Hi, I'm looking for an equipment which able to check those chip mounter machine placement pressure. Could someone recommend is there an equipment check those pressure during mounting.... Thanks, Eric Chua

CSM 84V: damaged parts (mmelf, 0805) during placing.

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 06 04:38:43 EST 2005 | mskler

check the placement height of the head, That can be checked by manual up & down of head on conveyor the nozzle should just soft touch the conveyor. Also check the down speed of head.

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