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ESD checklist

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 13 21:13:55 EST 2005 | davef

We know nothing of your checklist. Download your free copy of ANSI/ESD 20.20 standard here: http://www.esda.org/s2020.html

ESD checklist

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 13 20:29:46 EST 2005 | khp_armin

What is an ESD Check list? Can you give me some examples?

DFM checklist

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 08 04:00:46 EDT 2001 | jackt

Folks, I 'm in progress of generating the DFM checklist for New Product Introduction on PCA. I need some reference articles to prepare it apart from IPC-SM-782 (surface mont design and land pattern standard)that I'm using now. Any idea of extracti

DFM checklist

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 08 21:24:52 EDT 2001 | davef

First, not that it�s bad, but SM-782, the land pattern standard is a pretty far distance from a DFM check list. Now, if you�d said D-275 er more properly 222X, ama be twitchin� less. Second, your process should include two distinct elements: 1 Data

Main Points And checklist Of PCB Design

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 13 04:12:20 EST 2013 | hqew2013

Do you design or define PCB layouts? If so circuit board, what rules and checks do you have in place to make sure your results are... optimal? Over the years, I've created a PCB design checklist to keep me out of trouble. I share these nuggets with m


Electronics Forum | Sun Feb 23 19:55:21 EST 2003 | bayanbaru

Anyone has the Front End Checklist (From printing, chip placement up to reflow and post solder inspection)to share? I am planning to introduce the checklist to Production line. What are the some of the to do list to watch?

Re: Damaged/dislodged components when doing second side of double sided reflow

Electronics Forum | Tue May 09 02:57:41 EDT 2000 | armin tan

Create a checklist and include that in the checklist during conversion...etc...

NPI Qualification Checklist

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 14 06:45:21 EDT 2003 | Jim Connolly

Hello All, I'm looking for a NPI Manufacturing checklist, for the qualification of a electronic manufacturing process. Has anybody seen any good ones around? Thanks & Regards, Jim.

NPI Qualification Checklist

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 14 09:11:31 EDT 2003 | tangch

There is a reference manual called Advanced product Quality Planning(APQP)which were widely use in automotive industry or QS certification company.Inside there has plenty of checklists which may be relevent to you.

Frontend Checklist

Electronics Forum | Sun Jul 28 21:23:41 EDT 2002 | bayanbaru

What are some of the important Frontend (printing to reflow) check list that has to be verify to ensure the process is in control?

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