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Small scale reflow oven

May 13, 2019 |

Small scale reflow oven

May 13, 2019 | Hello, sir. We are a SMT equipment manufacturer from China. We have a hot-press soldering machine t

Juki feeder spare parts

Aug 31, 2018 |

Juki feeder spare parts

Aug 31, 2018 |

Philips Topaz/Emerald offline programming help

Jan 15, 2018 | Hi You cannot find any offline programing software on your local market? Here in China,

Scratches in Juki laser

Apr 11, 2017 |

Reflow Oven Brand

Mar 19, 2017 |

PCB Design Question - Hard gold or ENIG for keypad button contacts

Feb 21, 2017 | We're a custom PCB manufacturing services provider based in China and we have made many high quality


Feb 16, 2017 |

CM402 - lead check option

Mar 25, 2016 | YANGLING SMT CO.,LIMITED Since 2005, 11 years experience China SMT pick and place parts supplier

PCB Design

Jan 13, 2016 |

how is the South America market for high speed pnp machine , why many usa clients want desktop pnp machine, mainl for rearch and

Jul 19, 2015 | We are one of the leading manufacturer of high speed led pick and place machine from Shenzhen ,China

Looking for a high quality HDI PCB house

May 4, 2015 | Thomas, I know a HDI PCB house from China,They manufactured some high complex HDI jobs for me,s

Dual Lane SMT Processing

Feb 28, 2015 | Hi,can I help you? We make the Dual lane reflow oven in China for many years ,and in the past time w

Pick and place machine for small productions. Any suggestions?

Sep 29, 2013 | This is Tonny from China ,I am a salesman at NEODEN TECH CO.,LTD . We are a factory specializing in

paste Sn42/Bi58 and Lead Finish

Nov 15, 2012 | Maybe this piece of information will help. In China (just returned from visit) there are many factor

PCB manufacturer references

Sep 13, 2012 | Dear Sir or Madam HuanYu Future Technologies Co., Ltd is one of the China leading Printed Circuit

quad IVc continue

Mar 28, 2011 |


Aug 10, 2010 |

pls show me the way

Jun 18, 2010 | Dear all friends, our company want to import JUKI SMT pick&placement machine to China,However, I re

BGA Reflow profiles

May 12, 2009 | hi, we have recently got a PS-400 BGA reflow from china. has hot air top heater, IR & hotair bott

beware of job scam

Feb 26, 2009 |

Electronics recycling

Feb 17, 2009 |

problem in solderability

Sep 10, 2008 |

problem in solderability

Sep 10, 2008 |

Soltec 6748 ive Solder

Jul 25, 2008 |

Need SMT Operator

Jun 20, 2008 |


Flexible pick & Place