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'Blue solder' residues

Oct 27, 2004 |

Screen Printing Adhesive

Sep 30, 2004 | Hi All We have two boards that we produce which are chip on glue. For this we use KME BD12's whi

PCBA IC Component rework

Sep 24, 2004 |

SMT tact time

Sep 8, 2004 | Hi Rob, I guess the ratio between chipmounter and GSM is very much depending on the chip to ICs rat

MLCC crack detection

Sep 3, 2004 |

BGA bake out....

Jun 28, 2004 |

Maximum production per SMT Line

Jun 11, 2004 | hum, I see no problem for your people supporting any line that can run this speed. If your chip shoo

smt basics

May 6, 2004 |

bulbous joint

Feb 19, 2004 | This is a pretty common sympton when wave soldering chip components. As a note IPC allows for this

need all

Dec 19, 2003 |

lead free process

Oct 21, 2003 |

lead free process

Oct 21, 2003 |

Double reflowing BGA's

Oct 10, 2003 |

Repairing balls on BGA's

Jul 9, 2003 |

SMT machines obsolescence

Jun 27, 2003 |

Failure analysis

May 22, 2003 | Hi I uploaded the photos of the failure samples. The chip-cut an

Skewed transistors

Apr 20, 2003 |

Voids in solder fillet

Apr 16, 2003 |

Epoxied Parts Falling Off

Feb 22, 2003 | In the early days of SMT we were using vibratory bulk feeders for chip components. It was quite obvi

Ceramic capacitors cracking

Feb 5, 2003 | Don't forget placement. I"ve seen chips broken when they are being placed because they were thicker

Stenciling chipbonder.....

Jan 22, 2003 | Elongated slots!! Our older runs are a pain sometimes with parts (1206, 0805 chips) twisting as the

Expired Loctite

Dec 2, 2002 | Where I worked we used a different chip bonder. When we had trouble with flux entrapment in the epo


Nov 19, 2002 | HEy all- We are in need of components. Chips, ICs, QFPs, BGA, SOIC, and so on. Does not matter the

Identifying Caps

Nov 11, 2002 | I agree with Dave, Identifying chip components is not worth the time or effort. I believe that you

BGA Short

Oct 30, 2002 |

Feeder tape size

Sep 27, 2002 | chips up to 1411 ( I have not seen a 1411 component yet, but 1210 is a good number ) in 8 mm, IC up

Die attach with solder paste

Aug 27, 2002 | Hi there. We are considering to attach die chip with solder paste to the pcb at the SMD line (we

broken boards

Jul 24, 2002 |

PCB baking for rework

Jul 16, 2002 |

Comparison between Glue & solderpaste process

Jun 21, 2002 | If your wave machine has the new style Rotary Chip Wave and the Hot Air De-Bridging Knife options yo


Jun 17, 2002 | I don't understand "well we can't paste the flip chip on its substrate because we are using flux".

Solder Splatter

Jun 15, 2002 | well as usual this for flip chip however, this application uses ceramic substrates and the nearby ar


Jun 14, 2002 |

CMMs (Coordinate Measuring Machines)

May 7, 2002 | Daniel, If you just plan on mounting chip components don't worry about getting an accurate mea

Profile for Glue "SOMAKOTE IR-130"?

Apr 21, 2002 | Dear all: We need to glue some chip capacitors (0603 & 0805) before continuing the process of placi


fluid dispensing pumps for integration