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Fuji pam calculator

Aug 12, 2004 | Hi Guys I am looking for a spread sheet to calculate the PAM results for Fuji chip shooters do any o

Pick Up Error

Aug 6, 2004 |

Solder balls - Pb wave soldering

Aug 5, 2004 | For the �The Chip Wave Dilemma", look here:

In same board both leaded and lead-free components used.

Jul 13, 2004 | Hi Imtiaz, Can you give a brakup of the 23 components and their end mettalurgy ? Chip ?? Q

Hyper BGA and Super BGA

Jul 2, 2004 | HyperBGA:

BGA dead bug pick and place

Jun 9, 2004 | Base on the PORON foam rubber recommended, is it possible to apply on small BGA chip of 4x4 ball siz

Part clearances in PCB design

May 5, 2004 | Hi ACE, I design with a Minimum of 0.40mm Body to Body on 0805 Chip size down for hi volumne produc

Attrition Rates

Apr 8, 2004 | If you are referring to SMT chip components, 3-5% is the norm. BUt for some critical items like IC i

Pressure check for SMT machine placement.

Mar 27, 2004 | Hi, I'm looking for an equipment to check on all the chip and ic placement pressure. Pls advise

Magnetized HSP Nozzles

Jan 23, 2004 | Make sure chips (some Resistor contain nickel,or A-42 (Fe-Ni)leads made like SOT-23, etc )some time


Nov 7, 2003 | we experimented round pad for 0402, it improves chip self alignment and reduce tomb stone effects.

software to store for the STK16C88

Aug 9, 2003 | Hi I have nvSRAM STK16C88 and i am looking for software to store data into the chip. Can you p

Wave Soldering Upflow

Aug 5, 2003 | Hi, Have you tried increasing the vibration at the main wave or using a chip wave? try incr

Package Dimensions

Jul 1, 2003 |

Tombstone defect

May 6, 2003 | Hi, No, the layout is different, but both have chips located arallel and perpendicularly to the flo

Tombstone defect

May 5, 2003 | Do not 'ON" the nitrogen during reflow. If the pad of the chip is bigger then reduce the pad width

Tombstone defect

May 5, 2003 | Do not 'ON" the nitrogen during reflow. If the pad of the chip is bigger then reduce the pad width

P&P Capability

Apr 25, 2003 |

PCB layout with BGA

Apr 10, 2003 | I am using the old Tango for DOS to create an board with a 1mm BGA chip. How to define clearance aro

SMT process Blowhole/ Pinhole

Mar 31, 2003 | Should work, I just tested it. mk

SMT process Blowhole/ Pinhole

Mar 29, 2003 | Check out this link. Sounds similar. mk


Feb 23, 2003 | Anyone has the Front End Checklist (From printing, chip placement up to reflow and post solder inspe

Epoxied Parts Falling Off

Feb 21, 2003 |

Placement Equipment

Jan 31, 2003 | Many companies used the Fuji CP-4 and CP-6 chip shooters, these are good for the small components li

MPA or IP1 ?

Jan 9, 2003 | I want to buy a used machine,a cheap one, maily fr FQP chip placement.I think to buy a MPA40 or a MP

Capability Process CPk

Jan 8, 2003 |

Flux Selection

Dec 23, 2002 | Try: * Prebake * Flux density * Conveyor speed * Upper preheat * Cooling time * Chip wave * S

quad 4c

Nov 25, 2002 |

Silver Paladium coating

Oct 2, 2002 | Hi, We are using chip components with Silver Paladium coating and finding poor wetting. We are usin

Silver Paladium coating

Oct 2, 2002 | Hi, We are using chip components with Silver Pladium coating and finding poor wetting. We are using

PCB finish requirement for COB process

Sep 24, 2002 | we used the ball bonding, just normal chip on board. as I know the the electroless Ni/immersion A

bga warp

Sep 10, 2002 |

oven resin from adhesives

Aug 14, 2002 |

Who knows COB ?

Aug 7, 2002 | Low Cost Flip Chip Technologies for DCA, WLCSP, and PBGA Assemblies; John H. Lau; McGraw-Hill Profes

Universal Radial 8

Jul 24, 2002 |

capacitor leakage

Jul 11, 2002 | We have had failure due to a leakage in one ceramic chip capacitor. External inspection did not show

BGA excursion placed by IP3

Jun 18, 2002 | we are surprised to find that ten BGA chips are excursion one line on the board,together the IP3 pla

Solder Bridging on BGA

Jun 14, 2002 |

BGA rework

May 14, 2002 |

Tilted/Slant SMT Component Specs?

Mar 27, 2002 | It is certainly a process indicator. What is causing this condition? Is it a chip that has its toe

SMT Round vs Square Pads

Mar 20, 2002 |

glue measurement

Oct 5, 2001 |

Large Board Assembly

Sep 24, 2001 |

Quality control

Aug 27, 2001 |

Solder Beads

Aug 15, 2001 |

Flexible high speed pick & Place

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