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Uni-Cam vs Circuit Cam Which one is better?

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 22 13:24:35 EDT 2003 | secme


Fuji Flexa and Aegis w/ Circuitcam or Unicam w/Assembly Expert

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 04 10:53:20 EST 2004 | RNH

I have Flexa with the circuitcam interface. Works great for importing cad file into circuitcam and then exporting program into Flexa. I don't use the documentaton side of circuitcam much.

CircuitCam Penalization

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 10 19:31:24 EST 2022 | griinder

I am very experienced with CircuitCam and Factory Logix. Message me if you still need help.

Can someone one help, setup CIRCUITCAM to print Visual Aid Sheets?

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 11 08:59:47 EDT 2014 | patel_daxa29

How do i generate YCD file from CircuitCAM? We have version of CircuitCAM. I also need hel pprinting Visual aid in CircuitCAM. If you know something about this, Please Reply. Thank You Daxa

CircuitCam Penalization

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 21 20:49:56 EDT 2021 | kghadiya

Hello Folks, I have some questions regarding penalizing board in CircuitCam. I am using kinda old version of CircuitCam but if someone know this software, it will easy for them to figure out. Does anyone know CircuitCam who can help me out? Please

SMT/Thru hole key cards

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 28 10:09:49 EDT 2006 | pms

We use CircuitCam for our MyData programming and floor documentation. It's great. Get CAD data from your customers and it will speed up the whole CircuitCam process 500 % (as long as you have the correct CAD importer for the CircuitCam program).

Calculating Mydata angels with CircuitCam

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 05 10:47:15 EST 2009 | SS

Certain packages will always be out 90 degrees or so when a program is first ran on mydata. Is there a way to automatically adjust rotations for mydata packages when generated with circuitcam? Is there a location where we can adjust the angles circui

Aegis Circuitcam 7.0 Manual and Mydata.mdb

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 01 05:05:40 EDT 2019 | robstevenson

I currently have Aegis CircuitCam Version I have corrupted the mydata.mdb Does anyone know where I can get the original copy that came with software as I am not on maintenance contract any more. Also does anyone have a pdf copy of the Aegis

Re: gerber converter question

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 28 13:49:34 EST 2002 | Jeff D

Actually when you use CircuitCAM you do not have to digitize every component. Once one package is digitized CircuitCAM will scan for other pacakges like that on the board. In regards to Unicam, they do not have one, but instead use a third party Ge

Re: CIM Software

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 25 18:12:30 EDT 1999 | Dan Lambert

John, You should look at CircuitCAM software if you're interested in off-line machine programming from CAD or Gerber data. www.circuitcam.net Dan

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