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Clariant's ColorForward® 2018 Forecast Reflects a Dark Mood Among Consumers

. The colors of LongitudeLatitudeAltitude are Bohemian. They range from a purplish fuchsia, called Nomadness , a warm, almost-orange yellow named Kaleido tribe , and grey blue called Cirrus aviaticus after the contrails of jet planes against the otherwise cloudless sky

科莱恩ColorForward® 2018色彩趋势指南反映消费者消沉情绪

),以及如同飞机云划过蓝天的灰蓝色"卷云"(Cirrus aviaticus)。 透镜(Throught the Mirror) 不知从什么时候起,许多消费者开始对其主流生活方式的空洞感觉不悦。他们感觉失去了与内心自我的联结,或者,在生活的过程中从未真正考虑过自己的内心。这个称为"透镜"的流行趋势主题希望捕捉的是一种厌倦感——在现代世界中随波逐流,但同时知道精神世界有可能重新觉醒。 透镜色系中珍珠橙色的灵感来源于瑜伽姿势"त्राटक"。这个梵文单词的发音是"措塔卡"(trataka),意思是凝视某一

Technical Sessions | SMTA International

. Solder-Joint Reliability of 0.8mm BGA Packages for Automotive Applications Burton Carpenter, Freescale Semiconductor Inc. and Thomas Koschmieder, Cirrus Logic, Inc. Board, Package and Die Thickness Effects Under Thermal Cycling Conditions Jean-Paul Clech


(with rev2 of Cirrus logic processor) Rev-A ECN080069- 000 12-29-2008 - Fixed a crash with Edit mode - Update HC2 drivers to allow voltage style inputs on TDM for belt - Fixed a rare issue related to TDM channel type read

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