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Pick & Place Machine Longevity

Jun 15, 2018 | I have been eyeing Samsung newer machines. They are claiming 55-90k cph on their chipshooters. Is

Dross Eliminator

Mar 21, 2017 | Has anyone tried PK Metals's product, MS2? Claims to be a dross eliminator.

Reflow soldering problems and traces under component

Jul 18, 2016 | Some people involved in PCB assembly process claim that SMD components reflow soldering problems are

Reflow soldering problems and traces under component

Jul 18, 2016 | Some people involved in PCB assembly process claim that SMD components reflow soldering problems are

What's the best company for low volume, quick turn around PCB assembly?

Nov 11, 2015 | Hi Steve, I'm doubting you, care to back your claims up as to why you are better than every other

Free BTU flux box filters. First come first serve

Aug 1, 2013 | They have been claimed. Thanks

reflow oven advice

Mar 21, 2013 |

Dek 248 Install Time

Jul 26, 2012 | Weird question, but I need it for a claim. About how long does it take to assemble, plug in the pow

AOI useage

Mar 4, 2011 |

Silkscreen turns Purple

Sep 8, 2010 |

Lead Free solder

Nov 24, 2009 | Some companies claimed their lead free solders wouldnt attack stainless steel, frankly they do and t

OSP adhesion

Nov 12, 2009 | We have the same concerns about using OSP with adhesives. On the other hand, some suppliers claim th

4C will not home

Jan 14, 2009 | They claim that they confirmed this with PPM. I plan to be at this site next week so I cna have a lo

4C will not home

Jan 13, 2009 | They claim that they changed both cards, but I would only imagine this happened myself.

OT: Wavesolder Process Engineer Needed

Jul 14, 2008 | Obviously Grayman hasn't been around the block as much as he claims..........engineers make horrible

Speaking of Lead

May 18, 2008 |

SMT Adhesive and Other

Feb 11, 2008 | Don't forget to mention Repetitive Stress Syndrome and short term disability claim costs.

Amkor Fusion Quad

Jan 31, 2008 | Wow, they claim 1000 cycles of -65 to 150. I wonder if this was done with the 24mm part. With thos

RoHS PCB Questions

Nov 19, 2007 |

QFN soldering

Nov 10, 2007 |

Who's heard about

Jul 26, 2007 | Sounds like our old friend Moonman. He used to rant on this forum about a year ago. He claimed to

Pick & place

Mar 24, 2007 |

What to buy

Mar 11, 2007 | These guys claimed to have level 6 traceability.....and look where that got them.

Amtech LF/4300

Dec 7, 2006 | Has anyone experimented with the Amtech 4300 flux that claims to be a no-clean flux that is easily r

Ok gurus got a question?

Nov 30, 2006 | I dont claim to be a guru but I would say that the only cycle time you can control or be responsible

Hardware for ROHS builds

Nov 7, 2006 | Gould in Canada has been good - claimed they could do traceability to their suppliers. Fastenal is

ESD flooring and footwear

Oct 10, 2006 | Hello, I've ran into information claiming that ESD dissipative floor mats and laminate is not

Dross Eliminator

Aug 10, 2006 | I paid $168/ liter for the leaded on my recent order of 24 liters. They claim each liter converts 10

SACX vs. SN100C

Jul 6, 2006 |

PCB Type

Jun 21, 2006 |

Poor soldering on fine pitch?

Jun 14, 2006 | Hi Shawn, See if you can get hold of a free tub of Koki S3X58-M406, it claims to be good with All

MyData Placement Accuracy

May 18, 2006 | Well I guess its settled. WML agrees with the GURU. we must listen! You made this claim based on

Mydata Users

Apr 26, 2006 |

Lead Free Dross

Apr 25, 2006 | I tried the MS2 after listening to the claims from PK Metals. It was a distaster. What a mess. Ev

Had to share that one, its related to mfg. in the 21st century

Jan 13, 2006 | And if they built it in it's original location good old George would call in an air strike claiming

SMT low volume

Dec 16, 2005 |

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