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Fuji IP3 clamping problem

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 13 14:17:03 EST 2002 | dougt

Are these sensors the reflective type? Maybe when the board is unclamped and it goes over the sensor it is seen, and then when it is clamped (raised) it is now out of the range the sensor was set for. That should be easy to adjust. A problem I've

Fuji IP3 clamping problem

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 08 12:22:18 EST 2002 | pr

Have you contacted Fuji? I believe we had the same situation a while back and (I think) it was a proper setting and not a sensor problem. A tech. can probably walk you through it over the phone. good luck, pr

Fuji IP3 clamping problem

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 08 22:07:31 EST 2002 | winter

I think the reason of the problem is the sensitivity of some sensor.maybe it's the main conveyor arrival sensor .I think you can do a test , make the sensor always on, and tese.

Fuji IP3 clamping problem

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 19 16:55:54 EST 2002 | Steve E ( Fujiamerica )

This problem happens when a dark part is placed where the main conveyer stop sensor is located.The machine does a board check ( back to loading pos ) . If a part is under the sensor it absorbs the beam and the machine thinks there�s no board. The ta

Fuji IP3 clamping problem

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 07 09:03:03 EST 2002 | cabjerk

After the IP3 is stopped by any means ie. Estop, cycle stop, or machine runs out of parts, upon restart the table will go to load position, unclamp, reclamp, read the fids and then proceed as normal. The problem is that if we already have fine pitch

Fuji IP3 clamping problem Fixed!!!!!!

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 20 13:49:15 EST 2002 | cabjerk

Hi All; The following is from our Support people who worked with Fuji on the problem; Last week Luke Mittur and John Gudel were in from Fuji to address the IP3 issue outlined below. The problem ended up being that the table "up" and table "dow

SAMSUNG nozzles

Electronics Forum | Wed May 25 19:04:39 EDT 2005 | russ

check your clamping rails and see if you see any little wear marks, we constantly hit these clamps during placement when the parts are too close to the edge. The height of that clamp is either 4 or 6mm I beleive and the noozles will hit them on occ

DEK265 GSX chase clamp error

Electronics Forum | Tue May 29 08:37:52 EDT 2018 | bukas

screen alignment chase clamp state is ON, it can be turned OFF but when I get out of diagnostics machine turns them ON again. Tooling is set to magnetic, and on other machines I have chase clamps are not energized all until board is in machine and st

Quad Qsv-1 Low House Air Pressure

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 29 08:27:34 EST 2008 | tbkonrad

This morning I turned on our Qsv-1 and ai resiveved the following error. "Clamp did not open: House Air pressure may be lower then 70 psi" after checking the Air Pressure it reads at 80 psi on the Main air pressure gauge as well as the 80 psi on the

Re: Printing smear

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 16 06:06:52 EST 1999 | Stefan

Check the print gap and check the clamp edges, sometimes the clamps is damaged causing a distance between the PCB and the screen. Good luck

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