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solvents for cleaning metal stencils

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 01 08:34:06 EST 2004 | fcox

What I am really after is what is recommended to clean the paste from the stencil. What works best? What is really used in common practice?

Best practice for stencil cleanning

Electronics Forum | Sat May 15 03:29:35 EDT 2010 | wrongway

We used to clean our stencils by hand as well but 2005 we steped up to a ppc-n29tp stencil ultrasonic cleaner has worked great for us I would suggest a machine cleaning system it gets the stencils more clean then doing it by hand

Best practice for stencil cleanning

Electronics Forum | Fri May 14 12:44:26 EDT 2010 | padawanlinuxero

Hi Since we are a small company with a small smt line, we did not have problems with our stencils because they are small and could clean them with Alcohol and wipes, but now we are growing, and now I am having a 20X20 stencils frames to deal with,

Best practice for stencil cleanning

Electronics Forum | Fri May 14 13:16:05 EDT 2010 | cyber_wolf

We used to use spray machines. We now have a PMR ultrasonic cleaner. Ultrasonic is the best in my opinion.

Books for SMT

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 16 20:34:17 EST 2007 | davef

DAVE�S BOOKSHELF ASSEMBLER�S ESSENTIALS Title: Soldering in ElectronicsAuthor: RJ Klein WassinkPublisher: Electrochemical PublicationsISBN: 090115024XPublication date: December 1989 I know, I know. The book was written in 1989!!!! I use this b

Best practice for stencil cleanning

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 10 16:58:40 EDT 2010 | daxman

I've worked at several companies that have used Smart Sonic ultrasonic cleaners. About a year ago, we purchased the Smart Sonic 1550 and Enviroguard. The Enviroguard produces DI water for rinsing and also handles the solder waste. Also, Smart Sonic h

Re: adhesive for ptfe boards

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 05 04:23:38 EDT 1999 | Brian

| | | | Can someone suggest what material I have to use to protect components by electrical discharge on ptfe based boards? | | | | It should have high resistivity, thermal stability (-40 +70 'C),perfect adherence on ptfe... | | | | Many tahnks | |

Re: More informations on water clean for CSP/BGA package

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 06 03:58:25 EDT 1999 | Brian

| | Hi, | | | | Help! Could anyone help to enlighten me on this? | | | | Question: | | | | If I have a CSP/BGA package of size X by Y and the standoff gap between the component and PCB is Z, What is the maximum allowable Y/Z or X/Z that using a n

What were your top go-to sources for electronics information and learning in 2018

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 06 10:28:58 EST 2018 | davef

Media Links IPC Global Insight This weekly electronic newsletter includes IPC news and multimedia information on manufacturing and management best practices and solutions, new technologies, standards, government relations and environment, health and

Re: Batch Cleaners

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 09 12:48:50 EST 1998 | Mike Konrad

First, let me say that I am a manufacturer of batch cleaning systems. The following information is not intended to be a commercial for our cleaners, but rather a commentary about batch cleaners in general. Batch cleaners come in all sizes and confi


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