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Baking prior to conformal coat

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 21 08:24:28 EDT 2005 | dougs

are you going to clean the boards prior to coating?

Cleaning BGA pads prior to rework

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 08 07:01:51 EDT 2010 | muarty

Hi, Looking for views and some opinions on the best systems to use to clean pads (particularly BGA) prior to carrying out replacement of parts. I'm thinking of vacuum type desoldering systems. Obviously braid is an option which we currently use, but

Cleaning BGA pads prior to rework

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 08 15:27:49 EDT 2010 | davef

Fast or cheap, fast or cheap, fast or cheap ... Tough call, oh yeh, time is money. That's it!!!

Cleaning BGA pads prior to rework

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 09 07:47:51 EDT 2010 | jdengler

Hi John, Our ERSA rework station came with a soldering iron that has a few special tips. We normally do not have a stencil and use tacky flux, so I use the concave tip to prep the pads. This leaves solder on the pads but with a little practice you

Masking of PWBs prior to conformal coat

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 19 11:50:05 EDT 2006 | amol_kane

Hi BJ, Everyone's favourite answer...it depends! If the volume if large, masking boots will save you both, time and money in the long run. Custom boots are relatively expensive to buy, but they pay themselves over time by savings on masking tape. ma

cleaning PCB's

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 10 14:34:40 EST 2006 | Amol Kane

arent there environmentally friendly solvents (i have seen some from 3M) that can be used in a vapor degreaser. i was also planning to use the vapor degreaser to clean boards prior to conformal coating

cleaning PCB's

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 10 20:39:06 EST 2006 | aqueous

Of course there are solvents which are less harmful to the environment than others. The operative phrase is �less harmful�. As a rule, water-based chemistries are �greener� than solvents. There are some solvent blends designed for aqueous-based eq

BGA underside cleaning

Electronics Forum | Thu May 07 08:31:13 EDT 1998 | Alan Pestell

We are about to use BGAs on our equipment. We clean all products prior to confomally coating them - to keep moisture off the IC legs. Will this be a problem with BGAs. Will we need to get the coating underneath the BGA or will the pitch on the balls

PCB post reflow cleaning

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 29 13:59:27 EST 2004 | jdumont

Well how can I correct this? Would baking the board prior to any operations help? Is this an issue I should get the PCB manufacturer involved with, or something that is common and just live with it?

cleaning anodized panels

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 13 05:56:55 EST 2008 | johnlee9210

Our front panels (where the controls show) for our assembled amplifiers are anodized and we make sure that it is free from oils or other stains prior packing the whole assembled unit. We just use damp cloth in cleaning and sometimes flux remover for

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