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stencil cleaning

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 02 13:35:02 EST 2002 | Mike Konrad

Hi Dave, God no! I am not suggesting that anyone should clean stencils by hand. My answer was facetious. The questioner asked is there was a �cheap and effective� way of cleaning stencils without purchasing equipment. Cleaning stencils by hand m

stencil cleaning

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 11 10:49:14 EDT 2005 | jhagve

HI We start to make a product which have a 0.4 mm pitch IC and start having problems with not enough solder printed, to solve this problem we had to increase the manual cleaning, now we are cleaning the stencil every 8 printings, before we was runnin

stencil cleaning

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 01 19:12:16 EST 2002 | Mike Konrad

�Cheap� is relevant. Is $ 3,500 for equipment cheap or expensive? If $ 3,500 is cheap, than we have a solution for you. If $ 3,500 is expensive, then purchase pre-saturated chemical wipes, latex gloves and a hazardous waste bin. As for �effective

stencil cleaning

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 14 19:41:06 EDT 2005 | KT

We encounter this kind of issue. We use stencil clean in the stencil printer and also use air to blow aperture after cleaning. We are having some luck !!

stencil cleaning

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 29 04:06:42 EST 2002 | bayanbaru

Is there a cheap and effective method for stencil cleaning? Getting a equipment is out of the question.

stencil cleaning

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 21 14:13:08 EDT 2005 | mafc65

1.- Clean bottom and top stencil with a cloth/alcohol at same time.Pay special attention to fine pitch locations. 2.- Clean again bottom stencil side .To prevent any residual of solder 3.- Blow air with a air gun under the stencil to remove the solde

stencil cleaning

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 06 20:58:53 EST 2001 | chinaren

Hello,everyone: Would you like provide me some information about the equipment you use for the stencil cleaning and the solvent that is effective or you are satisfied with the cleaning result? best regards

stencil cleaning

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 14 02:51:44 EST 2001 | genglish

This forum is becoming a salesmans dream! I agree with the first guy, check the archives as there is alot of information about cleaning and media. Our company uses a Kerry SC1000 machine very good process but mechanically we have had problems with t

stencil cleaning

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 07 01:17:50 EST 2001 | Mike Konrad

The best suggestion one can offer is to view the archive section of this site. It is full of discussions, suggestions, advertising, claims, counter-claims, etc. Just search under the words �stencil cleaning�. Mike Konrad www.aqueoustech.com konrad

stencil cleaning

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 07 09:11:52 EST 2001 | Kevin Ham

I would be happy to send you information on effective stencil Cleaning. Please provide me with your email address. regards, kwham@pmrsystems.com

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