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Asymtek Millenium NSZ sensor

Electronics Forum | Sat Feb 25 12:01:28 EST 2017 | ttheis

I'm setting up a asymtek millenium m-cob style dispenser for the first time and running through the master offsets routine but when it attempts to find the needle in the nsz needle sensor it works in the x direction but when it attempts to locate in

SMT before through-hole

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 14 16:26:21 EDT 2007 | slthomas

So it's a C-n-C clearance issue? Could you go with the other cutnclinch unit...which ever you have, get the other one (one's right angled, one's offset at 45�)? Yeah, I know, they're not cheap. Other than that, hand place some of the SMT in chip bon

Void under QFN TI LMZ20502SILT

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 22 16:41:09 EDT 2018 | emeto

To all good suggestions I will add a few other thoughts: 1. Check PCB design(attached). THis mask clearance there is designed so you have some gas escape plan- verify if your PCB design follows that. 2. You can have a long soak reflow profile to re

MPM AP25 Print Repeatability Problem

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 25 09:18:38 EDT 2006 | daxman

Thanks for the posts guys, I'd like to mention a few things... In my opinion, the tooling does not get any better than this. The board is fairly small and quite stiff. There is no board warping. The tooling plates are tight and the vacuum really h

UP1500 Frame Sizes?

Electronics Forum | Mon May 02 18:54:28 EDT 2005 | MikeaJ

The answer you are looking for is part of your initial setup of the board and stencil. This information is to be found in the PCB setup menu/icon. The reason why the stencil loading pins are impacting the frame is because the default setting of the s


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