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Hard drive fail, crash and constant click noise

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 08 16:49:41 EDT 2006 | darren

Chris Call Heller and get a new hard drive, then reload your software and start loading your recipes from your back up. That clicking noise, is it coming from inside the computer or the machine itself? Have you checked the power supply for the in th

Hard drive fail, crash and constant click noise

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 31 11:55:30 EDT 2006 | crissy

Mi Hard drive crash on reflow oven Model: 1500SX serial N.: 0699D-23579 480V 60A ,any help please.

Does anyone have documentation on Yamaha YV 100X

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 19 23:53:32 EDT 2007 | Haris

NOTE: VIOS format takes less memory than XML format. VIOS to XML on YV100Xg Click EDITOR button. VIOS data appears, click your desired file name then click PCB DATA in the menu and click SAVE PCB DATA OF XML AS, give name with the extension .xml MY

Optimizer software for different brand of Pick and place equipme

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 29 10:19:40 EDT 2007 | ronniewong

Unicraft Scanprogrammer can do the job better, view at http://www.avipre.com, click process control software, click Unicraft scanEYE, click ScanProgrammer. It can do alot more, tks, fm Ronnie

Multi Cluster Optimisation using HLC software for Juki

Electronics Forum | Mon May 23 16:42:31 EDT 2016 | pforister

Leeg, A simple cluster is pretty easy to do. Each side needs to be optimized individually first. Then, follow these steps... 1) Load Production Planning 2) Click File/New 3) Right click on line 001 under the Program name column 4) Click Reserv

Re: Sold

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 07 22:36:56 EDT 2000 | Brian

Hi Chris, You can move an item that has been sold into your "blue book". You do this by clicking on the listing and then clicking the link that says "Move item to Bluebook". Brian

Re: Multilayer PTFE Boards

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 18 22:36:37 EST 2000 | Charles Harper

The major problems are poor layer to layer bond strength(due to surface tension of most fluoropolymers),and poor cold flow,or dimensional creep of these materials.Please also click on Chapter Author Konsowski,listed above.E-mail form will pop up when

IP3 NG Parts Discard Conveyor

Electronics Forum | Fri May 02 19:02:21 EDT 2014 | mac5

You will have to open each parts Shape Data, Click on the Shape Process tab, Click on the Process tab, towards the bottom of the page under Error change the Dump Position to Box. This should work. Good luck.

SMTnet Format

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 05 19:48:41 EST 1999 | Todd

I really like SMTnet and the forum. However, I do not like the new format of the SMTnet because when you click on a response, you can not see the original question. Also, when you click on the latest response, you can not see all of the other respons

How to measure dimensions in gc prevue?

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 05 08:16:34 EDT 2015 | emeto

Hi, that's how it works: 1. Zoom to the object you want to start with. 2. Click S to center to the object. Depending on the zoom you can center to pad, line, corner.... 3. Click Z(this zeroes your Relative coordinates). If you click Ctrl+z(this ze

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