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Sony SMT Equipment

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 29 19:10:51 EDT 2005 | cliff

I'm intrested in Sony SMT equipment. Can anyone help me? I was in China and saw a company with over 300 Sony mounters. I didn't know they even made SMT equipment.

Re: So Cliff, why do my postings disappear?

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 28 08:45:21 EDT 1999 | Clifford Peaslee

John, Your message seemed complete in the first one to me. The first and second message contain same message. Maybe the page after the posting is returning an incomplete result, and may need refreshing to update it. Let me know if it continues. Tha

Re: Career Center

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 08 10:24:26 EST 2000 | Clifford Peaslee

Thanks Scott, good suggestion. I will look into it. Cliff

Re: What happened to the SMT terms ?

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 13 15:22:37 EST 2000 | Clifford Peaslee

I put 'em back. Thanks, Cliff

Re: Site Upgrade

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 13 13:21:56 EST 2000 | Dave F

Cliff: You, Mike, and all involved did good. The site looks COOL!!!! Dave F

Re: smt terms and definitions

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 09 10:13:53 EST 1999 | Clifford Peaslee

Tom, Yes you were right, that file was unavailable. It has been replaced. Thanks, Cliff

Server OptimizingToday

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 16 09:27:49 EST 1999 | Clifford Peaslee

Hello, Periodically the server may go down, due to modifications and optimizations to the server. Sorry for the inconvenience, Cliff

Re: SMTnet Format

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 08 16:33:41 EST 1999 | Wayne Bracy

Here we go again, making it better......thanks Cliff

Re: So Cliff, why do my postings disappear?

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 27 16:44:58 EDT 1999 | John Thorup

at least most of a posting is dropped after a sentence or two?

Re: Welcome to New Forum

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 14 08:25:34 EDT 1999 | Chris May

Cliff, I reckon there should be an "R" in Purchasing (Legends). Regards, Chris.

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