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DEK 265EX and LT

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1,.) Dek 265 EX(Simialr to GSX) Vintage 1998 Green camera understencil wiper Left to right, front fixed Fully functional, still on production floor 2.) Dek 265 LT Vintage 1998 Green canera Understencil wiper Left to right, front f

Elexin Engineering

Universal Instruments GSM and RAD cards

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Universal PC cards SYS68K, CPU-30BE/16 SYS68K, 30 lite EPC5A Severial of each in stock Universal Flex head- rebuilt Universal 4 Mil camera part # 47063102 contact for more information 

Schoch Equipment

Universal Instruments SMT PC cards and parts

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In Stock available for sale Universal ESI 640 Universal ESI 650 EPC 16 EPC 5A EPC 5 UIMC Motion III SYS 68K BE/16 Flex heads Multi- View camera 4 Mil Camera 2.6 Mil camera 16MM, 24Mm, 32MM 44MM, 56MM Multi-pitch feeders Cont

Schoch Equipment LLC


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Non-heated dispensing system

High Precision Fluid Dispensers
Selective soldering solutions with Jade soldering machine

High Resolution Fast Speed Industrial Cameras.
Global manufacturing solutions provider

Smt Feeder repair service centers in Europe, North, South America

I've got PARTS for FEEDER REPAIR --- Sean at SMTXtra