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Infromation request from advantis users

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 28 12:06:48 EDT 2006 | yuceltemel

Dear SMTnet users, We will make incestment for a SMT Line in near future and the closest machine seems as Advantis AC30-AC72. For more information we are producing DVB's with 30.000 cmp including QFP208, uBGA and needed capacity is nearly 30.000

Re: the perfect SMT line configuration

Electronics Forum | Sat Sep 30 11:59:30 EDT 2000 | jarnopy

Hi! What kind is perfect smt line? It's difficult question. First you must know what kind your production is. Do you have a serial production or do you have a lot of proto series? If you have only few different pcb then you must get placemant machine

SMT Assembly Line

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 08 05:58:39 EDT 2006 | Base

Hi Efren, Did some simple math... - 100k units/month - 24 days/month - 16 hrs/day - 75% efficiency (ballpark questimate) You'll be looking at a line that does a bit more 50kCmp/hr with an IC/TH placer that does 3.5kCmp/hr (assuming 10 IC's /TH conn

MyData file format

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 01 08:19:21 EST 2004 | MrSMT

Good job to do. The MyData format in pratics is a combined data from 3 different file's, the ".PCB" the ".PNL" and the ".CMP". All this file are linked with data, and all the programs are include, as a big back up. The only way to convert data is to

Foam in inline wash

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 18 19:31:33 EST 2023 | kojotssss

Surely somewhere the cleaning or rinsing liquid gets to the other chamber. It is possible that the chemical migrates to the flush or flushes the chemical into the chamber. I have had a similar situation, high foam, injection vertical spray offline st

type of machine

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 14 03:57:43 EST 2006 | Base

Hey Peter, Did some simple math... 800.000PCB's x 20cmp = 1.6million placements 8hrs/day * 22 days/month = 176 hrs You're looking at over 90kCph fulltime! I'd say go with an AX-5 as JAX suggested. Given the product you described you could reach s

SMTnet Site: Need Your Input

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 02 21:22:15 EDT 2018 | davef

I need your input. What are your thoughts? Currently SMTnet is looking to improve process. It uses four different lists of categories that all are maintained and updated separately. A single LIST makes sense. Approaches to arranging the LIST being

Re: the perfect SMT line configuration

Electronics Forum | Sun Oct 01 05:00:08 EDT 2000 | jarnopy

Okay, you have only few different product. Smallest package is 0402 and biggest is 144 pins ic. So, maybe you don't need get high-speed machine. You must place about 12000cmp/hour. You can buy quite cheap placement machine. I can't tell what is good

Way to port SMT program from Mydata to Panasonic?

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 19 18:06:05 EDT 2008 | stepheniii

The .cmp won't help you. I don't know what the .gen is. The mydata files I used for centroid are .pcb. The following is a sample I"ve changed some chars. F1 AAAAAAA_BOT F2 customer info F21 All_Tools F3 -xxxxxxx yyyyyy rnd1.2mm F3 -xxxxx yyyy rnd1.

Way to port SMT program from Mydata to Panasonic?

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 19 10:35:56 EDT 2008 | mi

No, I don't have Panapro at all. Some Mydata files I've exported end in: *.cmp & *.gen Files saved on floppy from Panasonic MSH II end in: *.MNG, *.POS, *.SET Panasonic program filenames come out as: CF000000.POS CF000001.POS ... Sample quote of


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