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3-Phase Corner-Grounded Delta & GSM

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 04 14:28:39 EDT 2020 | ttheis

Yes, I am certain it is 240 corner grounded delta. It confuses many electricians and it took me some time to understand. It is fed from a 480:240 delta 200A transformer. As I mentioned, they have a lot of Bridgeport 3ph machines and cnc machines conn

Need Philips CSM84 PA1306/20 service manual

Electronics Forum | Sun Dec 26 01:47:43 EST 2010 | twentyninehairs

Do you still have the manual for this? I'm trying to convert one of these into a cnc router. It has a perfect frame for a strong table with a good plenum for vacuum ducting. I'll need to mount a Z-axis to it, probably beef up the y-axis, and re-arran

Universal Instruments Radial Inserter

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 23 12:31:03 EDT 2007 | gmoritz

Have you tried running it in step mode? Yes, and more. The installer asked me to run a few tests: 1> Intentionally make the machine miss insert a part then put a part in manually to see how the leads align to the cutter head. 2> Push the re

Mydata TM8FC Feeder strange issue

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 05 22:03:21 EST 2014 | alphatronique

Hi as said clip and and adjustment was not in cause if you look picture part was right at the good place so tape adjustment was good for all the 16 tape and have also replace all the 16 clip whit same result i have service any mydata feeder bef

Universal Instruments Radial Inserter

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 30 15:28:25 EDT 2007 | gmoritz

I'm posting a diary of the major repair experience that we had this weekend. I'll follow up with a shorter post that sort of summarizes a few things. ------------------------------------------------ The service guys showed up at our facility about

Ultra low cost pick & place?

Electronics Forum | Tue May 13 08:47:38 EDT 2008 | locostpp

Yes, this is a good point and really only time will tell just how reliable such a machine becomes. What I'm aiming for is to simplify and reduce the number of sub-assemblies. For example we are building the camera/vision processor and lighting into


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