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SMT Assembly Line

Electronics Forum | Mon May 29 12:09:16 EDT 2006 | jbrower

Goll dang Guru, I didn't win any money off of you yet but keep up the good work! I didn't know you were pushing a process that converts coal into carbon monoxide and hydrogen! Amazing! Keep up with your seven dollar words. You are a funny guy! By t

RoHS and Non-RoHS products in same ICT Fixture

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 28 14:35:04 EDT 2017 | emeto

I can't believe there is a topic for discussion. Find a way and measure lead contamination(if any)and prove them wrong. This is getting out of control. Having all the billions of gasoline and diesel engines pumping dirt in the air, together with the

Where to find steam aging equipment?

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 22 20:35:38 EST 2001 | davef

Ah, that was the time. Those locomotives chugging down the tracks with a plume of steam and coal dust rising above and dissipating down the track towards the end of the train. "Driving that Train, High on. . ." [http://www.thespoon.com/trainhop/song

Cradle to Grave Part Tracking

Electronics Forum | Sun Feb 14 15:43:32 EST 2010 | jlawson

ERP/ MRP systems can do basic traceability but often fall through as make a lot of asumptions and can not capture realtime info and account for all possible situations. I have seen alot of companies do this and there is always a 'shoe horned' system.

The truth about lead-free and environment

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 24 05:12:17 EST 2006 | Rob

You feeling OK Larry, I'm almost agreeing with you! Right, ROHS & WEEE are designed so that we don't throw away huge amounts of electronic waste into landfill that then pollutes our drinking water with Lead, polybromides, cadmium, mercury etc, which


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