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Coating Brush Touch-up

Dec 3, 2008 |

Conformal Coating Equipment

Feb 19, 2013 | My company is starting to look into Conformal Coating Equipment. From preliminary talks it sounds l

Conformal Coating Equipment

Feb 20, 2013 | Hey Bill, it really depends on the material you're looking at using UR, SR, AR, the easiest to deal

Conformal Coat peeling

Apr 10, 2009 |

Conformal coat training

Nov 6, 2002 | Consider checking with your CC materials supplier for suggestions. It's to their benefit to help yo

Static dissipative coating

Aug 8, 2003 | Hello all, I'm working at a CM with less then ideal material storage shelving when it comes to ES

Cleaning for conformal coat

Jan 28, 2013 | John, In addtion to the cleaning process you may wnat to look at the masking materials you are usin

Curing Conformal Coating

Jun 5, 2008 | You're correct, uV costs 1.7X solvent-based silicone. This high purchased material cost is counter b

AR/UR Coating Application

Feb 1, 2018 | Interesting, never heard of using wax as a coating mask. Not sure how well the AR coating would hol

Conformal coating (again)

Feb 11, 2004 | Our company strictly does selective conformal coating applications for the customer. We will quite o

Conformal Coating Machines

Jun 4, 2004 | Hey folks, time to put the collective brain into motion. I need to source a conformal coating mach

Acrylic Conformal Coating

Nov 19, 2003 | We have just got involved in conformal coating, with mixed results. We are machine spraying and have

Conformal Coating Machines

Jun 14, 2004 | it is not practical to target an exactly 1 mil film thickness, the materials manufacturers do not gi

Conformal Coating BGA's

Jan 12, 2005 | We conformal coat our boards and get pretty good coverage along the edges of BGA. If you need cover

Potting/Conformal Coating

Feb 25, 2016 |

Conformal Coating Coupons

Apr 17, 2017 | So I'm starting up a conformal coating process from scratch (again, although it's been about 10 year

Conformal Coating Issues

Jun 1, 2012 |

Baking prior to conformal coat

Jul 20, 2005 | Does anyone have any input on the need to bake out an assembly prior to the conformal coat process?

Problem with conformal coating

Feb 17, 2005 | We're not familiar with your DYMAX #984-LVUF. The problem is not with your conformal coating. The p

Conformal coating removal machine

Mar 4, 2020 | We bought a conformal coating removal machine AKA a sand blaster at an auction. It is a CCR2000 espe

Potting/Conformal Coating

Feb 25, 2016 |

Silver Paladium coating

Feb 19, 2003 |

Conformal Coat Thickness

Jul 23, 2007 |

Urethane Coating - Universal Remover/Cleaner

Aug 15, 2018 | What does you urethane coating material supplier say? Urethane coating remover try: * Humisea

Clean before conformal coating?

Jan 6, 2001 | Some NC fluxes work well with conformal coatings others do not. Your coating materials supplier sho

Conformal Coating Coverage on Side of IC

Sep 21, 2009 | 10.4. Pre-Cure Examination. Immediately after material application, the uncured conformal coating sh

Removal of Remnant Coating or Flux from PCB

May 17, 2013 | How are you removing the remnant cured coating materials once you scrape. laser ablate or use walnut

Conformal Coating Equipment - Where to Start?

Jun 3, 2009 | Greetings, We have a potential job coming up that would require coating with a silicone material

Parylene Coating of Plastic Parts

Aug 6, 1999 | | | | | | Has anyone out there tried to parylene coat plastic parts prior to soldering them to a pcb

Masking of PWBs prior to conformal coat

Apr 19, 2006 | Silicone-based coatings "repel" most foreign,non-compatible materials like peelable solder mask, and

Urethane Coating - Universal Remover/Cleaner

Aug 14, 2018 | I'm looking for a strong, universal urethane coating remover/cleaner. It'll be used for cleaning eq

Can we apply staking after conformal coating.

Nov 11, 2010 | We don't know, there are lots of different conformal coating materials and staking materials. Not a

Urethane Coating (1A33)

Aug 27, 2008 | Thick, hard conformal coatings of acrylic, urethane and epoxy have a well documented history of caus

High temp PCB coating needed

Nov 1, 2018 | Thanks Rob, It looks like my customer wouldn't let me to change the material. However, this potti

Inspection Marking after Conformal Coating????

Mar 9, 2008 | Q1. What kind of labels/ink/sharpe can be used under conformal coating without disolving etc...? A1

Conformal Coating Machine under 40000

Industry 4.0 Reflow Oven