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Potting/Conformal Coating

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 02 07:47:57 EST 2016 | deanm

Sounds like over molding would be ideal, but if they don't want to spend for a mold I would look at silicone conformal coatings that can be used in a dip process. Silicones are thicker than other coating materials and multiple drippings may provide t

Coating Brush Touch-up

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 04 12:24:35 EST 2008 | jdumont

We have the same Asymtek machine, same Humiseal product, same bubbling issue on touch ups. Ive found that very light pressure and a thinner mixture usually yields good results for us. Generally I dip the brush in the mixture and let it drip near wher

Conformal over No-Clean

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 26 10:42:28 EDT 2002 | Jim M.

I worked for a telecom company that had sites in the deserts, jungles, mountains and regular built up area's. All boards were built using Aim 291/293 No clean solder paste. (all boards built to Bellcore standard) The boards were coated with Dymax ur

How to choose a new solder paste

Electronics Forum | Thu May 26 16:41:00 EDT 2011 | scottp

Here's what I do: - Test Surface Insulation Resistance (we're in the high reliability market and use a test significantly harder than IPC's). I also test SIR in combination with other assembly materials like conformal coatings and wave solder flux


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