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TS-2414-V Insulating Varnish

Aug 1, 2019 | Look at: * Conformal Coating 101 -

TS-2414-V Insulating Varnish

Aug 1, 2019 | Is TS-2414 insulating varnish material suitable for conformal coating of PCBAs? How can its performa

Solder Joint Discolouration

Jan 21, 2019 | Lead free HASL coatings can be susceptible to yellowing during reflow due to oxidation of the tin in


Jun 18, 2018 | Hi,We are in RFµwave assembler and one the customer requirement need conformal coating cover the chi

Techspray 2108-12S

Feb 22, 2018 | I need an estimation of how many cans of Techspray 2108-12S, 12oz aerosol spray I need to coat 50 ar

When to use gloves

Aug 14, 2017 | We run a "no clean" soldering process, class II primarily, conformal coating using a Humiseal acryli

Convert SMT Heller 1809 EXL 10 Zone Oven to Cure Conformal Coating 1b73

Jul 7, 2017 | I looked at the tech data for the coating. It appears to need an explosion proof oven for curing (fl

IPA versus Stencil Cleaning Solution

Jun 14, 2017 | Nitrating is new to me too. I assume it means nitride coating.


Dec 1, 2014 | Yes nano coating giving the good printing, but the stencil tension is very important for the life, 1

Dek printing issue

Nov 10, 2014 | Dek Nano coating = Snake oil

Paste printing fine pitch components

Oct 18, 2013 | Nano coating = Rain-X = Snake oil

PathMaster Program

Oct 27, 2011 | What sort of coating are you trying to spray? The parameters are going to be drastically different

solder paste release from stencil

Jul 20, 2011 | I think you are referring to nano coatings. Try google nano coated stencils

Circuit Card Assembly Molding

Mar 31, 2011 | I disagree with the others about conformal coating before potting. Some of the softer urethane potti

BGA non wetting

Sep 17, 2010 |

Help with dewetting

May 25, 2010 |

Help with dewetting

May 25, 2010 |

humiseal 1b73 wicking

Feb 10, 2010 |

OSP adhesion

Nov 10, 2009 |

Baking assemblies after ultrasonic water wash

Jun 11, 2009 | NASA recommends baking a PCB for a minimum of 4 hours at 93+/- 5.5�C before conformally coating. [NA

humiseal 1c51

Feb 24, 2009 | HumiSeal Division, Chase Specialty Coatings, Pittsburgh, PA 15238; Sales: 412-828-5470

Masking tape

Jan 22, 2009 | Conformal coating masking: Electronic equipment manufacturer's use conformal coating processes to pr

UV Curing Conveyor

Sep 22, 2008 | Another is Specialty Coating Systems (SCS) Have Benchtop to full higher production inline units

Dendrite growth

Feb 20, 2008 | Tony, Conformal coating will protect the board from outside moisture but will also encapsulate I

ways to erase/cover IC marking

Jan 30, 2008 | Any ol' acrylic or urethane will work. It's possible to remove these conformal coatings. We've never

ways to erase/cover IC marking

Jan 30, 2008 | What type of conformal coating spray ? Is it permenant or washable ?

ways to erase/cover IC marking

Jan 16, 2008 | If this component is laser marked, you could just spray conformal coat on it and the marking will di

RoHS Tool kits

Nov 15, 2007 | Dip the tool handles in a colored plastic coating material, like: * Plasti-Coat Plastisol Coating

Urethane/Acrylic thru same machine

Sep 6, 2007 | My company recently aquired an asymtek coating machine and I have been using Humiseal 1B31, an acryl

lead free pcb plating?

Jul 30, 2007 | immersion ...easily changes color.. See that's the GREAT thing about immersion coatings. If they

Printing off contact

Feb 20, 2007 |

reflow oven problem

Jan 18, 2007 | With us, it was the component coating! try other make or vendor to see

reflow oven problem

Jan 6, 2007 | There may be a coating on the components that fell-off that prevents the glue from bonding well to t

Lead Free Squirt Bottles

Dec 18, 2006 | Then let the dog drool on it for conformal coat!

Low volume quality PCBs (how to)

Aug 14, 2006 | Can you just coat them with solder? Russ

Solder joint issue

May 17, 2006 | What color is the pad? coated with solder?, black?, still gold? Russ

Silver finish components soldered on Ni-Au finish pads

Apr 13, 2006 | It will be hard to solder metal that finish by any coating. So you should remove the coating first.

Cleaning PCB assemblies

Feb 28, 2006 | some coatings are more forgiving to surface contaminations than others. best way to go about is sele

Cleaning PCB assemblies

Feb 27, 2006 | Options are: * Find a low residue flux and conformal coating material that are compatable, so that

Cleaning PCB assemblies

Feb 27, 2006 | We are going to start conformal coating PCB assemblies, and I was wondering about cleaning the board

wave solder pallets

Feb 23, 2006 | Do you want some coating for aluminum? If so here you go. Nordic Ware Hwy 7 at 100 Minneapoli

wave solder pallets

Feb 22, 2006 | Hello John, There are some coatings for aluminum to eliminate solder drag out. The do not work wi

MPM SMT screen printer parts

Flux-Free Reflow Soldering