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Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 28 22:21:39 EDT 2000 | Peter Lopez

I trying to find out information on how a normal process will look like with COB's. Questions I'm trying to answer are... Are SMDs and COBs normally on the same side? If yes, SMDs will be place first then the COB's. Is this assumption true? How

Who knows COB ?

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 07 10:47:02 EDT 2002 | hanson

would you like to tell me about COB Process ?TKS

PCB finish requirement for COB process

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 24 23:02:59 EDT 2002 | redmary

For the COB process, what thickness for plating Au is suitable? IS there any specification for this issue?

COB setting for Electrolytic & Electroless Gold

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 19 05:46:45 EDT 2010 | hhpcb

IR reflow bottom side-> COB Will 2 times IR reflow affect COB bonding process? Appreciate any kind of feedback from you guys..

Re: Chip On Board

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 05 10:57:09 EDT 1998 | Jim Price

| | Yes, I realize that COB isn't really SMT (it is on the surface), but where can I get some free (IPC has some stuff for sale), fast info. about IC pad spacing for COB? | | Thanks | The Create Group at Panasonic Factory Automation is the leader in

COB pad contamination from kapton tape adhesive

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 10 03:51:49 EDT 2007 | vangogh

Hi All, We are producing PCBA with COB process. We are using kapton tape to protect the COB pads from solder splashes/stains. Questions: 1) Is kapton tape an industry accepted way of protecting gold pads from solder splashes? 2) What are the chance

SMT on boards with COBs

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 14 20:16:33 EDT 2005 | Bman

I know what the COB process is, and I have no intention of getting involved with that end of things. I need to know how to place SMT parts on a board with a COB. It looks like the preferred method is to place the SMT parts first, then go through th

COB Costing

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 17 21:58:35 EDT 2005 | plcc

Does anyone familiar with COB process? I hv a PCBA product with one of the photodiode (size 26mmx1mm) which needs to be bonded directly on the pcb using COB technology. The wires that need to be bonded are 2, goldwires for about 100microAmp current.


Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 19 19:47:16 EST 2005 | davef

It depends. Let's focus. The basic versions of COB are: * Semiconductor die that you place on a glued board surface, wire bond, and then encapsulate. [The crazy uncle of the COB process, accounting for 90% of the placements.] * Semiconduct die tha

How to prevent COB pad free from contamination

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 17 07:00:34 EDT 2008 | ectan5117

Hi, During SMT process, i found that solder splash on the gold pad. The distance between the COB pad with component pad is about 1.25mm. My question is what material can used to cover the COB pad without bringing contamination. And i am welcome to

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