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Quadstar 100 with vision and dispenser

Electronics Forum | Sun Mar 22 14:51:35 EST 1998 | Martin Plourde

I'm looking for a Quadstar 100 with any top vision as well as a glue dispenser. Must have both features or I am not interested. I've located many Quadstars 100 with either features but my customer wants both absolutely Regards, Martin Plourde (514)

COB and wire bond

Electronics Forum | Mon May 07 22:29:52 EDT 2001 | davef

4 wire per sec ... you figure how many you need] Encapsulation ~$120K for a dispenser [10 sec per die ... you figure how many you need] plus a cure oven ~$100k Throw in a another ~$100k for marking and cleaning Check the September 2000 SMTnet New

COB and wire bond

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 03 12:51:17 EDT 2002 | V.RAMANAND KINI

We are doing COB operations for nearly ten years. Pls. write to me if you need info on m/c selection, type of PCB, plating etc., Thanks V.RAMANAND KINI...03.06.02

COB and Plating

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 07 12:35:10 EDT 2008 | andy_pal

Hi All, I am using COB on my DOUBLE SIDED PCB. lastly we used Eletrolytic Ni / Flash Gold Plating. Our Boards vias Failed the UL corrosion Test. we did some cross-section analysis and found 10.75 �m of Nickel and 0.022 um of Gold and as the Process

COB and wire bond

Electronics Forum | Mon May 07 11:02:17 EDT 2001 | Singh

Hi all. I am looking into the implementation of the Chip on Board process with eutactic bonding and the then using either gold or aluminum wire to make wedge type wire bonding. Since I am totally new to this, can somebody guide me thru the process,

COB and wire bond

Electronics Forum | Mon May 07 15:13:03 EDT 2001 | jdtpfacreate

Singh, The equipment varies in price. We make a wire bonder called the HW27U-H Wire Bonder. This is a gold to gold wire ball bonder. The substrate size you mention is within the area we can take into the machine. The key is the bonding area.

COB and wire bond

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 04 19:33:16 EDT 2002 | rob_thomas

Dave's estimation is pretty conservative but there is a lot of equipment out there and a lot of people happy to make a sale.Implementing both mentioned processes it's difficult and time consuming .Even if you get good training from whoever sells you

Cp and Cpk values

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 03 09:27:19 EST 2003 | floydl

With regard to measuring dot diameter on my dispensers, is there an easier way to calculate the Cp and Cpk values? This manual data crunching is for the birds!

0402's and Gluing.............

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 09 09:43:38 EST 2005 | russ

Can't help you with the machine, but have you considered stencil printing? I have found that this seems to be a better (more repeatable) process than the dispensers I have used in the past (FUJI).

SMT Adhesive and Other

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 11 13:41:12 EST 2008 | sliebl

We use EFD pneumatic dispensers. Several are second hand from our favorite online auction site. I just checked on there and there are 3 units currently less than $50. Have the bean counters where you work get you one. Tell them your hand hurts from u

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