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Soldering to Inconel 600 Alloy

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 21 11:12:56 EST 2004 | steve

Where can I find this Cobar paste? is Cobar a manufacturer? What exactly is this?

How to avoid tombstoning in 0201 components

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 22 07:21:14 EDT 2005 | Mark

Try using Cobar`s anti-tombstone alloy.

Solder flux paste for Luxeon emitters

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 18 16:30:30 EST 2006 | davef

380SR-flux gel is sold by Cobar. Look here: http://www.lumileds.com/pdfs/AB10.PDF This application note suggests: * �#1;Metals 390DH4 * �#1;Metals LR735 * �#1;Metals NS4029 * ESP 6#1;412 * Cobar 380SR#1;flux gel Comments are: * "�#1;Metals" is "A

Battery Nickel strips soldering in HASL PCB finish

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 16 07:55:17 EST 2018 | robl

Hi Prem, We used to place millions of Nickel battery tabs using Cobar paste. We found it particularly aggressive. Just contact your local Cobar distributor and ask them for samples of their most aggressive fluxed paste. Kind regards, Rob.

Soldering to Inconel 600 Alloy

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 21 04:05:15 EST 2004 | Rob

We used to use Cobar paste on Nickel - very aggressive.

wave frames CAS - cleaning

Electronics Forum | Thu May 17 07:43:24 EDT 2007 | d0min0

white residues but on top & bottom, flux is NC 94-rxzm from Cobar


Electronics Forum | Mon May 04 02:39:31 EDT 2009 | lococost

Have you contacted Cobar? They should have a sample of your batches of pasta they could analyse.

Solder balls - Pb wave soldering

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 12 08:03:54 EDT 2004 | Rafal M.

We used fluxes: Cobar 94-QMB (no bismuth), RF800, Cobar94RXZ-M, with foam and spray fluxers: MBO clean alloy SN63PB37.experienced with changing preheatting, speed of covoyer single and double wave., we tried every combination. I think the problem is

Battery Nickel strips soldering in HASL PCB finish

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 23 05:59:18 EST 2018 | premkumar_haribabu

Hi RObl, Thanks for response , sorry to ask again & again . Is cobar paste solved the issues from poor wetting from nickel to PCB soldering,whether it will improve the peel off strenth more than 5 kg ?? as per our current last production , this nic

Re: Low-temperature, lead-free solders

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 20 03:26:57 EDT 1999 | Scott Davies

Joseph, I've heard of a lead free solder alloy, Sn43/Bi57 that melts at 139�C and reflows between 160-170�C. You may find the following website useful: www.cobar.com Good Luck Scott |

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