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SMD marking codes

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 14 23:16:58 EDT 2005 | Author

If it is necessary to define the type SMD semiconductors on its code of the marking (marking code, top mark) - visit the site (no www!)http://users.zebratelecom.ru/~smd_marking The having read article "rules of the marking" you get the full pres

smt codes

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 27 22:21:05 EDT 2004 | pdeuel

No Phil is not. I checked out his site and that shows reel codes and codes for dialetric and electrolitic caps. Monolithic multi layer caps are coded diferantly. Check out this page at http://www.vishay.com/docs/45028/vitmark.pdf

Mydata TP9-2U error ?

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 21 06:19:17 EDT 2019 | mxtimra

Mydata TP9-2U gives error code MOT1-38/186:MSETDYNX What is that code ? Machine give that code and wont make start up process. Appreciate if someone has knowledge that code, thanks.

QUAD 4C Laser problem

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 06 10:27:42 EDT 2013 | nophsem

Hi bobpan! MOD CODE 69 is "Waffle Tray Handler Installed Flag" and default setting 0. That's what mode code quick reference table says (the reference table that I've to respect according to the previous owner). And it's different what manual says (M

CM SIC code

Electronics Forum | Wed May 07 13:34:44 EDT 2008 | gregcr

Whould anyone know what business SIC code is used for an electronics contract manufacturer? thanks

ASYS accsess codes

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 24 12:49:46 EST 2009 | ch

Allan, absolutely correct! Code still the same, thanks a lot!!!

Semiconductor Marking Code

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 29 06:21:08 EDT 2009 | hishamuddinjohari

Please help me to find the following transistor. Marking code AJZ 438 Package style SOT223

Semiconductor Marking Code

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 01 12:22:22 EDT 2009 | hishamuddinjohari

Thanks and appreciated Dave, but I still cannot find the code for actual part number.

smt codes

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 23 14:27:18 EDT 2004 | russ

If you know the mfg. you can go to their website and they should have a list of coding that will show you the alphanumeric code scheme. The "striped part is definitely a tant 2.2 uF 16 V. The other if the coding is the same as the parts we use is a

Anyone knows the HS code for the assembled boards ?

Electronics Forum | Sat Sep 15 03:31:05 EDT 2018 | colinbenton

My second assembly order on ALLPCB.com is ready to finish soon. I need to provide HS CODE for the custom clearance process this time due to the large amount. Anyone knows the code for this ? At present, I know the ones for 1-2 layer should be 8534009

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