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Servo alarm X2-axis (FIP-3)

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 12 22:22:31 EDT 2005 | zl3vlf

Hi all! Well installing the servo card has fixed the status LED issue....however there is a new problem :( When a production program is executed at the IP3 (pressing AUTO or START) the machine says 'communicating with the VP' (which is normal). Wh


Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 24 04:21:02 EST 2005 | Twistie Ng

NEED EXPERTISE HELP / SOLUTION for Sanyo TCM-V822 High Speed Mounter. Errors Message Code : REEL TIMING 01 18 & REEL SERVO 01 01 ============================================================ This unit has yet to run since our purchase a month ago.

Opinions about AOI Machines

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 19 04:35:35 EST 2006 | pavel_murtishev

Good day, I worked with Maratnz some time ago. My own opinion is that this is limited machine with limited functions. Main disadvantages are: - Rather costly, something about 100 KEUR per table top machine; - 2D scanning system (direct light module

Full IR Reflow versus conventional convection ?

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 23 18:31:31 EST 2006 | Chris

Mike, Have you contacted Universal Instruments yet? If not you should call them. If I am thinking of the same oven, this oven was manufactured by ETS (Energy Technology Systems) or http://www.energytechnologysystems.com. I take it you bought this

Fuji NXT

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 02 20:48:07 EST 2006 | ____

I would like to start a new post regarding fuji > NXT machine. What do you think about the machine > as far as the servicing of the machine goes. I am > so used to the older machines such as : CP,IP, > and QP. Those machines at least give you som

Dek 265

Electronics Forum | Wed May 03 08:43:51 EDT 2006 | Mark Fick

I have a DEK 265 with error code: motor comms failure.card 0, Axis123 fatal error-reinitialize machine during machine boost up I replaced new card 0 and still get the same error.I have tried to load the mint program but I cannot get program to abort

SMT/Thru hole key cards

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 28 09:24:13 EDT 2006 | jax

1. What part of the time is spent Creating Visual Aids? Unless you are digitizing the gerber files for everything, why would you have to modify/re-label the referance designator info? (Part#-Ref.ID is color coded) If you are digitizing th

RoHS Board Delamination

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 24 15:46:09 EDT 2006 | aj

Mark, The pcb manufacturer recommended we bake the boards , so we did. I even weighed a batch before and after and seen slight decrease possibly 0.1g in weight. However we still seen some delam after all this. I am confident our issue has nothing to

Kester paste problems

Electronics Forum | Thu May 24 08:55:25 EDT 2007 | ck_the_flip

Here's some quick things to look for: 1. Does your solder paste feel like concrete, does it roll-up into your squeegee blades, and stick to your stencil? If so, your problem is the solder paste. The mixture of powder and flux, or metal load is ou

PC Board Marking

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 09 16:14:06 EDT 2007 | rgduval

A number of years ago in a previous life, we discussed laser marking 2-d matrix codes. We had a number of boards for customers that just were too populated to get any sort of a label onto. 2-D laser units were avaialable to work in line with our au

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