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Re: labeling systems

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 28 18:57:49 EDT 1998 | Mike Cleary

Selecting the correct label solution for SMT labeling is a science. Our company is a supplier of electronic identification products. Please let me know if you have questions regarding materials, printers, etc. I have been in this industry for over

First piece inspection

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 09 20:40:58 EST 2002 | ianchan

Since we are on the topic, What we do over here, is to get SMT Technical to machine pick&place "sample component layouts" onto double-sided tape, which in turn is placed onto an actual PCB... QA will take that double-sided tape sample, and using an

Your Input needed for new SM Resource

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 01 09:10:50 EST 2002 | caldon

Andrew- I look for usefulness in web sites.I hate having news mail sent to my email box. Having a site post technical information, links to useful stuff, and all around beneficial information is good. It seems to me the vogue thing on the Technology

changing from no-clean to clean

Electronics Forum | Sat May 18 22:51:35 EDT 2002 | yngwie

First of all, my Customers can be described as a real "Jack-Ass" or at least the SQE does. They don't treat us as their partners OR more like "do what I said...When I started to use solder paste you probably weren't borned yet and/or probably still o

Rep Responses in Forum, Possible Guidelines

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 10 15:56:14 EDT 2002 | seand

Hello Everyone, It has been my perception that one of the long time issues in Forum has been the code of conduct with regards to Rep responses (I know...Duh). I tried looking through the site to look into a possible defined protocol and didn't find

Rep Responses in Forum, Possible Guidelines

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 11 14:33:55 EDT 2002 | seand

Hello Dave, I like many, do value your input to this forum. You do provide a wealth of technical knowledge and for that I would say alot of us thank you. However, there are 2 ends of the forum spectrum.....irresponsible reps........and those who f

PCB Manufacturer (SMT Technology) should read this

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 14 23:02:14 EDT 2004 | Rodion Pronin

Hello! My name is Rodion Pronin and I represent research oriented software company Asprosft located in Toronto, Canada. One of our recent projects were developing a optimization engine for pcb assembly. That is, given the machine capabilities and c


Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 12 09:04:18 EST 2007 | Cal

For insurance purposes we verification... Here is a snippet from Glenbrooks website. From http://www.glenbrooktech.com Design Safety Standards The design safety standards pertaining to Industrial X-ray Inspection Systems can be found in "Code of

Fuji CP-6 Feeder Maintenance Programs

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 26 02:12:35 EDT 2007 | jola

Hello. In a stupid way I'm glad not to be alone in the feeder jungle. We have the same ammount of feeders with a mix of Fuji and Panasonic high spped feeders as the main problem. The way we do it at the moment is that we have marked up all with a num

What caused this reflow issue?

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 14 13:24:32 EDT 2008 | mmjm_1099

We had an order using a 2up PCB (same manufacturer) with same components and same board layout without any problems. Perfect run. The next order ran on the same day with same paste using same parts, same layout, same profile, but different 2up PCB h

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