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FV 7100 micro/mini coil inductors

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 01 02:17:00 EDT 2001 | djarvis

Anyone placing micro,mini,midi spring inductors (as can be seen on http://www.coilcraft.com) with an FV7100? I can get the little suckers to "test" all day long, but soon as I go into production mode the vision system rejects around 20%. I've tried c

Green inductors

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 20 07:57:53 EST 2006 | dpmilk

Thanks Rob. We've been in contact with Coilcraft, but haven't gotten anywhere, yet. We'll check out the other coils. We started using Coilcraft because of their high Q.

Green inductors

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 20 09:20:07 EST 2006 | dpmilk

It appears to us that the problem lies in the lead-free solder paste rather than the inductors. We have not found a lead-free solder that does not do this. The green is on the copper wire. We believe it gets there during the reflow. The gasses fr

Wire insulation missing on a coil inductor

Electronics Forum | smith88 |

Sat Dec 11 16:38:14 EST 2021

large smt inductors moving in the reflow oven

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 22 10:01:01 EST 2010 | jtsyeung

Since the inductor is electro-magnetic, that means the device is composite of coil and ferrite metal. The inductor inside the reflow oven meets with blower motors which close to the inductor and generate magnetic field. With such conditions, Lawren

Inductor damage.

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 20 14:27:28 EST 2000 | trgroth

I am unable to find a reliable source to determine the amount of package damage allowable on an SMT coil inductor with a ceramic case. Where can I find information of this nature.

Reflow CFM Too High (FPM above 4000!! target=1433)

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 22 03:11:53 EDT 2007 | vlazern

Our Heller oven is functioning well. However, we see defects from the oven, such as shifted coil inductor components, and missing chip components from time to time. When we re-scan the board at the AOI, the defect was not present at that stage,hence

Coils and Water Soluble Fluxes

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 10 13:51:08 EDT 2007 | petep

Coilcraft has posted the following and I am wondering how you folks are handling the use of coils in a Water Soluble world. PCB Washing and Coilcraft Parts Coilcraft tests for resistance to solvents per the following specification: Resistance to s


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