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facing cold joint problem

Electronics Forum | Sun Jan 18 10:13:59 EST 2004 | davef

Materials added to solder can change its appearance. For instance: * Gold in tin/lead solder is dull / grainy * Palladium in tin/lead solder is dull / grainy We do NOT advocate using visual appearance to define the appearance of a good and a bad so

facing cold joint problem

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 19 14:54:38 EST 2004 | cyber_wolf

How did you come to the conclusion that you are having a cold joint problem. Just by appearance ? As Dave stated if you have any of the metals that he listed in the joints they will appear to be dull and grainy sometimes. But... Dave, I will have t

cold joint on 1 lead of IC

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 08 08:15:28 EST 2007 | tjcrume

I have received 10 customer returns for a cold solder joint on 1 lead of a 36 pin IC. Everytime it is on the #18 pin. The process is reflow and I can't figure out why the one leg is cold and the other legs look OK.

cold joint on 1 lead of IC

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 12 10:02:18 EST 2007 | rgduval

A little late to the party here, sorry... Has the joint been verified as a cold solder joint? That is, visually confirmed that it looks like cold solder, and, perhaps, xrayed to confirm the solder status? X-raying may sound a bit extreme, but you'

cold joint on 1 lead of IC

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 08 09:41:23 EST 2007 | SWAG

Check the bare board - could also be an unmasked via on the heel of the pad that is sucking solder into it.

cold joint on 1 lead of IC

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 08 08:54:56 EST 2007 | jhaviland

groundplane not heating properly.. Is it a J leaded IC? sometimes these get bent slightly in the packaging and sit just far enough off the board to cause solder problems.

cold solder after drop test

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 07 07:16:25 EST 2004 | davef

Cold solder prior to properly performing a well designed drop test. Actually, "cold solder" means different things to different people. Two dull solder connection conditions are: * "Disturbed" solder joint: a solder joint that has an "angular face

facing cold joint problem

Electronics Forum | Sun Jan 18 09:38:34 EST 2004 | m_imtiaz

we are facing cold joint problem in selected component please advise me possiblity of this problem imtiaz

LQFP128 doesn't work when cold

Electronics Forum | Wed May 31 13:23:48 EDT 2006 | slthomas

You don't say anything about the appearance of the solder joints themselves. That would go a long ways towards identifying and possibly resolving your issues. Heating and cooling could affect performance if you have a/some cracked or otherwise loose

detection of cold solder

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 14 06:00:27 EDT 2004 | sc

dear, appreciate the sharing of experience on detection tools of cold soldering defect on PCBA. thanks SC

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