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Converting Package Info.

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 01 19:55:21 EST 2002 | davef

What no flat, comma delimited ASCII, file? Er, maybe Excel? What yer proposing sounds painful.

Tin Whisker Formation?

Electronics Forum | Thu May 25 15:29:58 EDT 2006 | Chunks

REMOVE THE COMMA AT THE END OF THE LINK! H made a boo boo. Tin Whisker "Nodule"?

Parts information from Gerber files

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 14 23:45:33 EDT 2003 | caldon

DAVE- We often use Excel for data manipulation. If the Gerber data is available in TXT format then you can define the delimiter (Tab, collon, comma)and works OK for what it is. Cal www.ctdi.com

Deionized Water Standards

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 06 19:52:36 EST 2009 | adamcrum

Yes it is one thousand. I was hoping for 1.566 but no, that is a comma. From my understanding this unit of measuremeant would be a direct equivalent in megaOhms making this 1,566 megaohms in resistivity. I may be wrong.


Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 18 08:39:40 EST 2019 | robl

Well..... So far we have learned the importance of the Caps Lock button, and that a fullstop and comma do not sit happily in tandem.


Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 21 08:45:06 EST 2019 | roblackey

Come now Assured-Tech, I'd thought we'd learnt about mixing fullstops and commas; after all what is the purpose of this magnificent thread if not to enlighten ourselves with the wisdom of previous suggestions?

Universal GSM Placement Data...

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 15 11:46:15 EST 2007 | jaimebc

We open our placement ascii file with excel, which then gives me the option to separate columns by tab, comma etc. Once this is done, then I need to asign part numbers to it. There are different ways of doing this, since our BOM,s are on ascii forma

Way to port SMT program from Mydata to Panasonic?

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 16 12:39:41 EDT 2008 | stepheniii

You will have to make new programs for the Panasonic. (afaik) But you can use the Mydata programs as centroid data for the Panapro. Load it into Excell using space as the delimiter. Copy column B onto column A. cell A1, move cells up. Sort by column

BOM Expander

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 28 14:09:37 EST 2017 | emeto

Most of it can be re-formatted in Excel. In cases like this I will spend the time to write some macros that does it automatically. If it is just a single occasion, just format it in Excel. You can turn commas into columns and rows. You can change col

Software for converting txt2vios or programming a Philips Comet

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 20 14:13:43 EDT 2005 | Rich

I use Cad2Cad v1.5 with Phillips Topaz. I don't know how much is differs, try this: Converting data to a Philips VIOS Text File format: 1. Open the pick and place data in Excel and format it to look like table 1. ** Make sure you delete the �mm�

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