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Smema communication

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 23 22:10:37 EDT 2007 | nalr

Hi all, Could anybody provide me with some circuit diagram that can be used to implement downstream/upstream communication among two smt machines? Thanks in advanced NL

Smema communication

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 23 23:00:38 EDT 2007 | fastek

It's going to depend on what manufacturer and how old the equipment you are dealing with. It's not as standard as you might think or hope.

Smema communication

Electronics Forum | Sat Mar 24 00:08:55 EDT 2007 | mika

Fully SMPI (there are 2 kinds of SMPI and Universal used them both in the past). Converter cables between SMPI > Fully SMPI Converter cables between FUJI > Panasonic Converter cables between FUJI > SMEMA Converters between almost any machine interfac

ICT for communication

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 17 05:54:53 EST 2007 | imounen

i would like to know if an ICT can test my communication circuit based over RS485 and over optical communication((DO))optical head for counting circuit.

cp6 communication error

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 26 23:12:58 EDT 2009 | mysmt


Panasert communication software

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 19 10:48:55 EDT 1998 | Sergey

Hello ! Somebody have any programm for communication and downloading prepared data from PC to Panasert MK,HD3 ? Please, send me any information about this, where can I buy a software ? Thanx.

Heller Oven communication error

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 04 17:56:17 EST 2010 | rmitchell

Hi, When we load a recipe (oven profile) on our heller 1809 the pc screen goes black, the oven turns off then comes back on and the error is communications with oven was lost. Anyone seen this error before? rob

cp6 communication error

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 31 09:53:59 EDT 2009 | fujiphil

after sending all the datas.... proper, program and status... Re-boot the machine...

cp6 communication error

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 02 08:03:24 EDT 2009 | kircchoffs

disable windows firewall

Re: Panasert communication software

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 24 18:54:00 EDT 1998 | M. Faisal Pandit

Sergey, Fear not. Help is on its way. I am responsible for the development of the PanaPRO Software Product at Panasonic. PanaPRO/Host does communicate with MKI's. I will have our Sales Engineer contact you. Thanks, M. Faisal Pandit Software Developme

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