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Testing new desiccant technology and comparing to Silica beads.

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 12 18:26:16 EDT 2020 | SMTA-64387117

Looking for engineers to test new desiccant technology and compare with Silica Beads. Samples provided. Additionally, engineer can work with and collaborate with "engineers only" group lead by US Military engineer for packaging. The goal is to d

AOI - Algorithms or Comparators

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 02 15:06:23 EST 2009 | markhoch

Algorithms, Schmalgorithums. They're ALL Comparators. It's just that some compare images, while others compare interpretations of images. (Algorithms) Okay...let's see what can of worms I just opened....

BOM Compare Simulation

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 24 12:06:26 EST 2009 | janz

Hi, Try software: Compare It. Regards janz

Comparing a board image against gerbers

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 12 17:53:43 EDT 2013 | rangarajd

Hello! Are there any tools/ softwares that can compare a board image against the gerbers and point out the differences. Eg: I want to compare the whole board image with a gerbers top layer and see the differences. Thanks!

Dek compared to MPM

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 17 17:39:24 EDT 2001 | johnw

Hi Jeff Am I correct in asumming that the dek requires different stencil designs compared to the mpm ie Take a 6th stencil and print on a dek then a mpm and the results are very diffrent The reason I am asking this is we

Optical comparator capabilities built into chip shooters

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 30 01:31:36 EST 2002 | MA/NY DDave

Hi I think you already have the answer. It isn't the same as the true comparator of yesteryear, yet YES, some of the assembly machines have visualization post placement, compared to a golden board or dimensional images imported into the software.

Program verification

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 08 16:28:38 EDT 2022 | pradeep14

How to compare with BOM?

MPM AccuFlex

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 25 00:46:01 EST 2003 | Dreamsniper

Is MPM AccuFlex a replacement for UP1500 and is inferior to UP2000 or is it a higher level product of MPM as compared to UP2000? Has anyone evaluated and compared this machine with the UP2000 HiE? thanks and regards,

Chinese Counterfeit?

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 13 08:38:48 EDT 2005 | jh0n!

bbs.smthome.net Compare the amount of activity between the two. It's a shame, I think, that there's not a comparable forum in English.

iPulse M4e Pick and Place Machine

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 20 20:48:54 EDT 2005 | darby

Mike, I was wondering why you are comparing a 6 head machine (Samsung) to a 3 head machine (i-Pulse). I sort of thought you would look at the M2 to compare to the SM320. Just curious. Darby.

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