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Heat guns and component damage

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 31 15:40:44 EST 2006 | mgdrouin1

Comp is relay. I've pulled the spec. Max 240. Using Leister h/g with manual temp settings from 1-6 (20 - 600C)set by the operator. Gun was set to setting 4. They are using the heat gun to reflow the solder after SMT but before wave. High fai

Heat guns and component damage

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 01 22:27:16 EST 2006 | KEN

Many relays use soldered post coil terminatins inside the relay. In one case many years ago I found the SMT relay manufacturer used eutectic solder inside their hermetic relay. The SMT relay would fail because the solder balled up on the post, woul

Tinned leads and where the component body is defined

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 02 15:02:36 EDT 2020 | SMTA-64387501

We have recently received some pre-tinned "flat lead packages" and the question I have relates to the definition of solder touching the component body of the part. Typically when I have gold lead parts tinned there is a gold gap between the tinned po

Re: Pb alloy reflow temperatures and component integrity

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 22 16:02:07 EDT 2000 | Dr. Ning-Cheng Lee

If the thermal mass of the products is small, a tent-shaped profile is recommended, with peak temperature around 240C. The hottest spot on board should be less than 250C. However, if the thermal mass of the product is large, such as a large server PC

Component Obsolescence and Availability

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 31 12:13:28 EDT 2022 | cbart

That is a tough one because of package size I agree, as noted previously it would be good to know what the current PCB pad layout is. first thought does go right to an adapter board of course! is this a volume build or just 20-50 pcs? dead bug and ha

Cracking Capacitors and Solder Balls

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 08 14:19:30 EDT 1998 | Gary Simbulan

Earl, et al, Boy things get old and cold around here fast. I promised more detail on my capactior problem and I thought I could drop something completely different in the same message and tell a tale of solder balls. First the caps. We still have

Solder climbs on the lead and touches the body of the component

Electronics Forum | Mon May 12 14:49:28 EDT 2014 | davef

Hi Evtimov 'hege gave you a plausible explanation for what's going on with solder running-up the lead of your components: TOO MUCH METAL!!! I've got different one. This explanation goes along the way that you're thinking, but just opposite. The rea

tape and reel machine

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 24 15:20:27 EST 2000 | Chris McDonald

I have recently purchased a Tape and reel machine from V-Tech. We are using Presure Sensitive tape and we are not geting good results. Anything bigger that a SOIC14/16 gives us trouble. The cover tape will pull off on the feeder and we will lose part

Skewed and popped components

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 24 08:34:57 EDT 2003 | stefwitt

Even when you run a board several times, the machine may not make the same travel path every time. This in itself does not create a problem, but the vacuum on the nozzles could be different, dependent on the configuration of components on the heads.

Europlacer feeders and trolleys

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 05 07:48:39 EST 2021 | mbass

Go for Gen 2 NT feeders, the Gen 1 Feeders tend to be problematic the older they get whereas the Gen 2 feeders are a much better prospect. I've used 8, 12, 16, 24 and 44mm. Some problems to look out for is pull back of coverlay and removal of waste

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