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Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 20 20:47:58 EST 2014 | slouis2014

Well the stencil in question have shield components. And this stencil sometimes doesn't even reach 10,000 strokes.As compared with stencil that does not have shield components, the life span seems to be lesser considering that same squeegee, print pr

step stencil

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 02 09:01:34 EST 2021 | denism

The main feature of the step on the stencil is the excess of paste on adjacent components. Clearance between step and fine pitch components must be at least 10 mm. Might better try over printing?

patchwork stencil

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 22 18:52:56 EDT 2011 | semiconjt

tTo explain what I mean...sorry for my bad Engilsh... please find short " patchwork stencil" description from EPP Europe. http://www.epp-online.de/europe/-/article/16537487/15944614/Innovators-of-laser-processing-technology /art_co_INSTANCE_0000/max

step stencil

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 26 16:29:48 EST 2021 | charliedci

We will be exploring the exciting world of step stencils for the first time and I am looking for any advice from anyone using regularly. This direction is because we have large caps and soldered standoffs along with medium pitch LGA's and QFP's on sa

step stencil

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 05 02:40:40 EST 2021 | victorzubashev

For components with the large pads, you can also use secondary soldering dispensing. Some printers like DEK have an option to mount a syringe with an auger valve to do dispensing after the printing step process. Obviously will not work if you have to

stencil thickness for bga

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 13 13:49:29 EDT 2003 | mrmaint

Does anyone know of a standard stencil thickness for BGA'S. We currently use 4 to 5 mil stencils depending on component mix. Is an aperature reduction required for BGA'S. If so what percentage. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks MRMAINT

Re: stencil fixture

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 27 13:41:16 EDT 1999 | Scott McKee

| i am trying to design a stencil fixture for manual printing. has anyone done this before or has an idea? thanks | There are sooo many variables; product size, 1 vs. 2 sided boards, support, component size, pitch, stencil alignment, PCB thickness,

Nordic aQFN73 stencil design

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 09 13:53:45 EDT 2018 | dleeper

I've never placed one of these before, but it looks like a poorly designed part. It has pads scattered asymmetrically around the body of the part. when it reflows this is going to apply uneven forces to the component, causing it to skew. I guess hav

Step stencil troubles

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 17 09:31:17 EDT 2004 | russ

Step stencils are used but only when necessary. One reason to use one would be a PCB with 12 mil pitch and very large coils or something of that nature. The 12 mil pitch part would require a 4 mil thick stencil to ensure release while it would caus

Squeegees for Step-Down stencil

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 25 12:32:20 EST 2002 | davef

Now that is a BIG step. Stencil type: * A metal squeegee is fine with stepped stencils. * A rubber squeegee is fine with stepped stencils. Comments on step stencil "keepouts" are: * Use an ample space around the stepped down component pads that is

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