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Compressor for Pick and Place line

Electronics Forum | Wed May 20 10:33:25 EDT 2020 | uzbek

Hi all, what compressor would you recommend for pick n place line consisting of two Essemtec FLX2011 machines? Or what should I take care of when choosing a compressor? Also if we decide to run compressor lines throughout our workshop for other mac

Compressor air line material

Electronics Forum | Sat Jun 23 08:26:02 EDT 2007 | davef

We have always used black iron pipe for compressor air line. This pipe is very expensive to purchase and install. What is a better alternative?

pick and place vaccum

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 10 14:26:16 EST 2008 | slthomas

It'll just transfer the load to your compressor, and who knows how efficient your venturi pump (which can also be noisy) will be (IOW, how much load it puts on your compressor is anyone's guess)? I'd just replace or rebuild the vacuum pump, person


Electronics Forum | Tue May 25 18:43:48 EDT 2021 | jamesatqkits

Air flow was the issue, more CFM required then my compressor an deliver. I have to use 2 compressors, you can hear a set of contacts engage when pressure is applied and sufficient.

Help! Samsung CP45 and CP63 Problems

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 11 18:35:59 EDT 2005 | stepheniii

How big a tank do you have at the compressor? Basically the bigger the better. You will still have the same duty cycle ratio but the compressor won't be cycling as fast. Hopefully someone here knows what a good size would be. And when you say "kic


Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 05 14:10:02 EST 2004 | jasper

8 bar, little consupmtion of air. Any compressor will do. No oil. But dry air. Ciao Jasper

Manual Stencil Cleaning Solvent

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 14 13:39:31 EDT 2005 | ???

wow....i would love to see the compressor that can damage a stencil.

Compressor air line material

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 26 13:31:22 EDT 2007 | cokedigits

i difagee wif both of you

Compressor for Pick and Place line

Electronics Forum | Mon May 25 15:19:56 EDT 2020 | uzbek

Thank you all for the help!

Recommendation for Selective soldering machine

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 17 00:49:33 EDT 2023 | saucyshawn

We went with Southtek for N2 and compressor. Decent service

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