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Oven serie 1030 10 zone

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 28 16:55:04 EDT 2011 | vais

Hello friends, I need help, the Ovens series 1030 victronic 10-zone, which is the consumption of N2 (nitrogen), thank you very much, Greetings.- Oscar From Tierra del Fuego Argentina

Conceptronic Reflow cooling zone

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 10 09:18:04 EST 2006 | aj

is that fan speed program controlled or manually?


Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 18 11:07:39 EDT 2003 | donbell

SR. Tech: I have worked with Omniflo 7 and 10 ovens for many years. I purchased several 10 zone ovens in '98 when I worked for Ericsson. Here are some of my experinces with Electrovert Omniflo ovens; Yes, you can expect to run the conveyor speed a

Conceptronic Reflow cooling zone

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 09 09:36:55 EST 2006 | aj

All, I would like to find out if it is possible to adjust the cooling rate on a Conceptronic Reflow Oven Model HVN70. We do not use Nitrogen and the Cooloing system is Genesis GCM-1. From profiling it seems to be cooling too quickly. Any replies a

Conceptronic Reflow cooling zone

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 09 09:45:50 EST 2006 | PWH

I'm not familiar with the HVN70 programming but our conceptronic oven reacts well to adjusting the cooling fan speed at the end of the oven. However, TAL will likely be affected substantially by changing fan speed.

5 zone reflow oven

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 25 16:16:01 EST 2005 | pjc

Here are some 5 zones models to look for: Electrovert OmniFlo5 Conceptronic HVA70 BTU VIP70 Vitronics SMR or XPM 520 Heller 1088 (4 zone)

5 zone reflow oven

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 01 09:32:49 EST 2005 | TDS

I have a conceptronic HVA70 in Ohio for sale. If interested please email me. scott@tritecsales.com

5 zone ovens

Electronics Forum | Fri May 26 10:17:21 EDT 2006 | pjc

Here are settings for a Vitronics SMR500 oven for Indium Corp. 5.1 No-Clean Pb Free solderpaste, the product profiled was of medium thermal mass: RTS, Temp C 120, 170, 195, 248, 264, conveyor speed was 43cm/min (17"/min.) Peak temps were reached in

5 zone reflow oven

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 23 17:39:11 EST 2005 | Austinj

I am most familiar with Heller (10 yrs. of 1088 4 zone - 1800 8 zone ovens) and find them to be very reliable. Other Manufacturers may have five zone ovens on the used market. (I used Petlock as an example because you could get data sheets/specs from

Electrovert omni 10

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 06 11:09:20 EDT 2014 | cyber_wolf

I dont have a schematic anymore but its most likely the SSR for that zone or the blower.

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