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FCM vacuum pump

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 05 18:26:34 EST 2008 | janz

Hello, We have FCM base 2 machine (Philips-Assembelon). I am trying to find out whether it is possible to install instead vacuum pump (make noise and power consumption) venturi system. Does anyone try to do this.? What was the result.? What vent

vacuum reflow

Electronics Forum | Fri May 14 16:49:17 EDT 2021 | winston_one

Agree with WiIIR and also can recommend to play with vaccum pump RPM . Slower vacuum increasing have help me to resolve one problem caused by the vacuum (it was solder splash from BGA balls, but the reason can be similar to your case). Also check i

Dage XD7500NT X Ray vacuum tube

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 11 03:33:22 EDT 2014 | fnorradd

The machine has a vacuum pump in it. This is what I expected also, but the machine does not have a Vac pump on it. The unit is sealed by Dage, the unit is a crystal type vacuum tube not a filament type. Regards. Darron

Dage XD7500NT X Ray vacuum tube

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 10 14:44:27 EDT 2014 | cyber_wolf

The machine has a vacuum pump in it.

Re: Moisture Bake-out of Plastic Parts

Electronics Forum | Tue May 26 12:25:34 EDT 1998 | Wayne

Vacuum Bakeout Ovens For many years vacuum bakeout ovens have been used in the hybrid industry for removal of moisture from ceramic cercuits prior to hermetically sealing packages. In this process the vacuum oven certainly reduces the bakeout cycle

Vacuum Bags

Electronics Forum | Wed May 16 13:40:19 EDT 2007 | slthomas

"I read a study a while back by IBM that showed too strong a vacuum would cause too much moisture to enter the bags." That's what the nitrogen is for. If you pull a vacuum w/o backfilling with something dry, like nitrogen, pretty soon the vacuum ove

Mydata Linescan upgrade

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 12 15:00:53 EDT 2007 | cyber_wolf

Never did the Linescan upgrade. Incidentally I recently needed to rebuild a vacuum pump. Pump rebuild kit consist of a coupling a couple rubber mounts and the membranes. Cost 495.00

pick and place vaccum

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 10 14:26:16 EST 2008 | slthomas

It'll just transfer the load to your compressor, and who knows how efficient your venturi pump (which can also be noisy) will be (IOW, how much load it puts on your compressor is anyone's guess)? I'd just replace or rebuild the vacuum pump, person

Baking components at 70 degree

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 18 01:47:25 EDT 2008 | sleech

Innovative Drying Co., considered this possibility early in our experiments. The rate of chamber pump-down is not a consideration. However, the selection of the vacuum pump is critical. Avoid oil-sealed pumps at all costs. A poorly maintained oil-tra

cp65 Thermal Alarm

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 03 15:10:49 EST 2014 | jimmyboz

SET-MANUAL-IO Thermal alarm can be an overload relay, vacuum pump for nozzles or scrap vacuum. It may also be overtemp from the cam box "oil" temp. The 2 overload relays have reset buttons, press and try to feel for a "click". If it is directly t

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