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conductive fill via

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 11 11:28:32 EST 2002 | davef

Sand is not a great conductor, compared to copper. Never heard of using the stuff on RF boards. Our board fabricator uses Dupont CP100, now CP101, [or something like that cuse who's going to check?] when plugging via on cheap boards. Your board fa

electrically conductive adhesives

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 24 16:14:46 EST 2005 | davef

Rob: Why aren't the board houses over there going to lead-free HASL [not that HASL is the most wonderful thing on the planet]? What's the price delta on an unit basis for a x-HASL, now imm Ag board? Anyhow back to the point, so, you're proposing t

electrically conductive adhesives

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 28 08:06:49 EST 2005 | davef

You'll be able to tell pretty soon if this will work. * Our bet is the epoxy will corrode the silver. * Another concern is that you're not fusing the silver to the copper. Why not ask the imm silver suppliers: * Alpha Level Silver [ http://www.al

Non-conductive epoxy discoloration

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 26 21:35:21 EST 2015 | flyingsnow

Hi, has anyone experienced discoloration of cured non-conductive epoxy? It turned from white to deep red. The parts were returned from customer and we noticed the color change and wondered what could cause epoxy discoloration.Thank you!

Re: Resistive epoxy

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 29 18:48:11 EDT 1999 | Kiet Dang

Hi, Did anyone experience a problem with electrically conductive silver filled epoxy is resistive due to galvanic reaction? I'm having this problem when attaching components to Ni plated housing while conducting an experiment to cost reduction for Au

4 mil epoxy dot dispensing

Electronics Forum | Wed May 20 05:50:08 EDT 2020 | tima

Hello colleagues, Question. Who ever done 4 mil (100uM) electro conductive epoxy dispensing? is it even possible? I did 6 mil but very unstable results... Now I need 4 mil for an application.

epoxy for other than water tight seals

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 05 10:38:49 EDT 2004 | iggyslab

Is there a specific epoxy that is most suitable for sealing a polycarbonate chamber, which will have hydrogen flowing through it at no greater than 10psi? Can any epoxy that provides a watertight seal be used for hydrogen applications? We have th

Conductive Epoxy

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 03 10:28:26 EST 1998 | Christopher Lampron

Does anyone have any information or experience with the use of conductive epoxy in leu of solder. I have a unique application that might lend itself to this technology. I am looking for manufacturers, printing, curing and reliability info. Any inform


Electronics Forum | Sat May 08 01:42:13 EDT 2004 | smontiel

We have just been audited by our customer. One of the major finding was the thermocouple attachment. They insist that we use conductive epoxy to attach the thermocouple to the IC body and PCB surface. Any suggestion on what brand/model of conducti

Adhesive Dispense Equipment

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 29 15:18:31 EST 2001 | Chris

I am attaching bare die using conductive epoxy. Thanks, Chris

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