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Tin Lead Electrodeposited Plating and Conformal Coat

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 20 16:47:10 EST 2013 | aaronpavone

I have a right angle male shrouded connector and the whole set of termination leads is tin lead plated, at least 100 microinches thick. Should the entirety of the lead be conformal coated? Or can we have just the joint coated? I know I have coated le

Conformal coating mask dots and halos

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 25 10:21:49 EST 2010 | jdumont

My guess would be that the adhesive used on the dots contains silicone. We use 1B73 which is also acrylic and it hates silicone. We use silicone RTV to permanently mask around some connectors and unless its fully cured before coating it will cause l


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