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conformal coating - masking problem with ammonia

Electronics Forum | Fri May 15 19:08:25 EDT 2009 | jlawson

Ammonia based masks can create solderability issues after they are removed. You can get non-ammonia based latex mask material but down side is slower cure and cost a little more as they have higher levels of latex etc

Conformal coating masking boots

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 09 17:24:49 EDT 2020 | kumar

For Conformal coating machine to mask the components which material(silicon or SS) make masking boots is beeter interms of Cost,cycle time,Reusable lifecycle

Conformal coating masking boots

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 09 17:36:15 EDT 2020 | waxler

I have used Kinnarney Rubber Co Inc, PO Box 37 450 Main St in the past.

rubber masking boots for conformal coatings

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 26 17:26:32 EDT 2005 | Larry Davis

I have used Kinnarney Rubber Company out of Mantua, NJ in the past with great results. Contact Jim Kinnarney 609-468-1320

PCB conformal coating

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 02 02:46:44 EDT 2008 | tang

Hi Guys, I have few question would like to ask regarding pcb conformal coating: 1. Can I know which masking material is the best for easy apply, fast cure, fast & easy to remove after coating & baking. And no chemical reaction which will whiten the

Un-cured conformal coating

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 27 13:20:47 EDT 2004 | DavidB

We are producing boards with Alpha 591S RMA No-Clean paste and are coating after SMC with Dow silicone ( toluene solvent based) conformal coating. We have experienced several failures due to soft shorts ( electrochemical migration?) We have also obse

Silicone Coat + BGA masking

Electronics Forum | Wed May 17 16:36:27 EDT 2023 | tey422

From my previous experience with silicone, it tend to be need to spray with thick coating(s) and it's more watery. The boots doesn't work too well in those cases. Just a note, now I am no longer working with silicone. For conformal coating, best m

defect on PCB acrylic conformal coating

Electronics Forum | Thu May 09 13:49:24 EDT 2013 | davef

First, it appears that your solder mask and your coating material appear to be incompatible. Second, IPA leaves a residue that's probably not compatible with your coating material, either. IPC-HDBK-830 - Guidelines for Design, Selection and Applic

Is anyone conformal coating flex circuits?

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 24 16:39:16 EDT 2015 | cnotebaert

have done it in the past, used silicon as it will flex,, however its not the most robust material! tends to peel/flake off.

Re: Solder mask materials and equitements wanted

Electronics Forum | Sat Aug 29 08:43:35 EDT 1998 | Dave F

| Hi, Friends, | Could you please recommend me some solder mask materials and equitements for high quality solder mask? Details such as company name, phone numer et al are welcomed. Thanks! | Have a good day | Xingsheng Xingsheng: Consider the follo

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