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conformal coating

Electronics Forum | Sat Aug 07 02:28:20 EDT 2010 | raghu

We have PVA 350 benchtop dispensing equipement with humiseal 1A33 CC material. is there any moisture measurement process in conformal coating material?

Problem with conformal coating

Electronics Forum | Sun Apr 10 03:25:35 EDT 2005 | Peter

Normally, some conformal coatings do not have very good wetting properties, that should be basic function of a good coating material (the same reqirement as avoid bubbles during coating process)! For UV curing conformal coatings, you can try Lackwe

AVR80 BA conformal coating

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 04 10:59:24 EST 2015 | jpierre

Hi first DS65 version is a specific dilution for dispensing machine, in this case the typical process is following: application of the conformal coating extraction of solvent (low extraction power is better)2minutes and drying the drying can be done

AVR80 BA conformal coating

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 04 09:07:01 EST 2015 | edmaya33

Hi All; Anybody here have experience in AVR80 BA DS65 CC process? I have an issue with the curing process at 28 degC RT. Can somebody recommend how to accelarate the curing without IR oven? thanks

conformal coating selection

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 23 23:59:25 EST 2000 | terry sun

Hello to all out there, We're considering CC process,and would like to know some defferences between SSC3 of Electrolube and Humiseal 1B73, yes,I know that SSC3 is silicone one,and Humiseal 1B73 is solvent based acrylic as well as other basic propert

UV cure conformal coating material

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 09 08:45:31 EST 2009 | orlando

Does anybody run conformal coating process using UV cure varnish? We have a long experience on solvented urethane coating material but switching to solventless is unknown for us. Could you recommand vendors for UV curing oven? Thanks

UV cure conformal coating material

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 10 15:33:55 EST 2009 | duso02

We use one quite often. Our machine is a Uvitron Conveyor 40 as we are a large coating house and this allows us to process many boards. Dymax also maufactures and sells machines as well. Humiseal and Dymax both manufacture UV coatings. Emerson Cuming

Solder Balls and conformal coating

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 08 14:16:29 EDT 2019 | sever_83

We've never heard of seen of such a thing either. We tried a clean sample board and applied con coat. Same process through out and we saw nothing. After speaking with the original operators who was curing the boards he had left the boards much longer

Re: conformal coating after rework

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 27 09:00:56 EST 1999 | Chris Fontaine

| | I have boards coated with Humiseal 1B73. At a late point mfg. site we need to remove a series of 0603 resistors for optioning purposes. I have been trying to determine the fastest, easiest way to re-coat the pads after removal. Drying time of the

conformal coating

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 16 10:13:32 EDT 2015 | charliedci

Anyone aware of an acrylic conformal coating that is UV curable?

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