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Mixing conformal coating and RTV

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 21 10:44:35 EDT 2005 | jdumont

Morning all. So today I have been tasked with conformally coating a few of our first run PCBs for a new product line. The problem is that they have already had all the larger caps potted with RTV. Are there any problems with spraying the CC over the

Mixing conformal coating and RTV

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 28 11:14:27 EDT 2005 | bbarr

If you apply the RTV after coating, what happens to bond strength since you are now bonding to the coating and not the board? Will the caps still survive vibration and shock? I specify applying RTV before coating for this reason. Am I correct? I als

Mixing conformal coating and RTV

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 21 11:43:03 EDT 2005 | davef

We understand the problem of trying to coat over RTV. We have seen the same problem with acrylic and urethane coatings not wanting to stick to RTV. Some acrylics seem to be worse than urethane. Since this is a new product, may be you could pot your

Masking of PWBs prior to conformal coat

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 21 17:46:29 EDT 2006 | SD

First of all, do not use kapton tape! It tends to cause a dewetting effect around the tape. A call to Humiseal will explain why. There's not really a blanket answer to your question.... Removing cured liquid mask can often result in a fillet ef

Electric Arching on Y-Cap using No Clean Flux

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 01 09:10:37 EST 2006 | slaine

or conformal coat the cap.

3D-Printed Masking Boots For Conformal Coating

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 07 02:22:21 EST 2019 | abhilash4788

Can you suggest cost effective 3D printer for making conformal coating caps. And please let us know what you have considered.

100nF 0805 ceramic cap with 25 Ohm resistance? Why?

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 22 00:20:21 EDT 2010 | leadthree

Pick & Place > Wave-solder > other parts > test > conformal coating Is there any production error that could make a ceramic cap conductive? PS: want to add one point: The caps don't seem to be cracked. We changed a few 100 and didn't notice any bro

Re: Questions regarding rework

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 08 17:55:51 EST 1998 | Dave F

1. What is the best way to remove polyurethane conformal coating from selected areas? Your conformal coat material supplier is best equipped to tell you how to remove the coating. Polyurethane conformal coating is not easy to remove. Without in-pu

100nF 0805 ceramic cap with 25 Ohm resistance? Why?

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 25 00:16:11 EDT 2010 | leadthree

I got a report from Yageo yesterday with microsections and and and..... result: Cracks I did a test run on boards after ICT, but before coating. They are all ok. Seems the cracking happens somewhere after the ICT. But at that stage all assembly is a

Conformal Coating Masking

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 19 13:32:21 EDT 2013 | rgduval

In the past, I've used kapton tape for masking, as well as masking tape and solder mask as you've described. I've also used dummy connectors, or connector caps to cover connectors/pins. In the end, though, I'm not sure any of these methods decrea

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