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Soldermask thickness

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 02 17:54:46 EDT 2003 | davef

Yes, Russ IPC-6012A w A#1 - Qualification & Performance For Rigid Printed Boards talks to solder mask requirements in 3.8. One interpretation of what it says: * Solder resist [solder mask] must meet the qualification / conformance requirements of S

Bubbles in conformal coat

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 27 11:35:07 EDT 2009 | davef

There are many possibilities: * Conformal coat is incompatible with surface residue on the board * Conformal coat is incompatible with solder mask on the board * Moisture is out-gassing from the board * Conformal coat is too thick and does not allow

Problem with conformal coating

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 23 06:05:24 EST 2006 | 1B73

The solid content of 1B73 is too low, especiall when you add large amount of thinner, not easy to get enough coating thickness.

PCB conformal coating

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 03 17:29:42 EDT 2008 | mikesewell

Re: item 3 - there are ultrasonic thickness machines (Panametrics makes one) that can measure coating dry with a small transducer head. A little pricey for ones that measure reliably in the .003" +/- .002" range.

Bubbles in conformal coat

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 27 08:34:50 EDT 2009 | floydf

I am having trouble with little air bubbles in my conformal coat. It ranges from a few pin sized bubble to looking like spit. We are using Dow 2620 silicone conformal coat applied with a PVA sprayer machine. The conformal coat comes in bladder bags t

PCB conformal coating

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 02 02:46:44 EDT 2008 | tang

Hi Guys, I have few question would like to ask regarding pcb conformal coating: 1. Can I know which masking material is the best for easy apply, fast cure, fast & easy to remove after coating & baking. And no chemical reaction which will whiten the

UV cure conformal coating

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 31 10:14:06 EST 2005 | davef

There's some nice low-VOC uV coatings out there. We don�t use uV cured coatings, but try: * http://www.emersoncuming.com * http://www.dymax.com * http://www.mgchemicals.com * http://www.loctite.com * http://www.humiseal.com Be aware that uV co

Inspect workmanship through conformal coating

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 05 16:24:09 EDT 2016 | davef

inspect => conformal coat ... and standards are aligned with that philosophy. I can imagine doing a good job inspecting assembly after being coated with particular coating thickness, optical properties, lighting conditions. Ultra-thins are so thin

Re: Clean before conformal coating?

Electronics Forum | Sat Jan 06 22:09:53 EST 2001 | Greenman

Cory, I've got a lot of experience of testing of this type. The physical (not chemical) nature of the flux residues is the crucial issue in compatibility. If you have a softer residue (either caused by a thick initial solder paste deposit, or a low p

1B31 Acrylic conformal coating problems

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 03 00:30:30 EST 2011 | raghu

Contact your distributor for the coating or > Humiseal directly. Humiseal has had a recent > issue with batches of 1B31. The specific problem > is lack of adhesion, which is what you have as > well. You need to find out if your batch # is one >

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