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HDMI Connector poor contact

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 10 05:32:42 EDT 2004 | praveen_madaan@jabil.com

Hi, Has any body experienced the problem of poor cotacts on HDMI connectors. The connectors pins are gold plated and we see some kind of white residue on the gold pins.How to check if this is a flux residue?We are using No Clean flux in wave solderin

HDMI Connector poor contact

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 10 09:21:15 EDT 2004 | davef

Aqueous cleaning solutions using saponifiers and surficants can sometimes be used to clean NC flux residues. Search the fine SMTnet Archive for background and supplier suggestions.

HDMI Connector poor contact

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 11 02:53:44 EDT 2004 | praveren_madaan@jabil.com

Hi Abraham, We are using SC10 solvent from Alpha which is ment for No clean flux residue cleaning. Thanks

HDMI Connector poor contact

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 10 07:10:11 EDT 2004 | abraham

Praveen, White powder residue can be produced if you clean the No clean flux residue with isopropyl alcohol. Check whether you are using any IP for local cleaning. In case you want to clean the noclean flux residue ( as per the requirements of conta


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