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European logistics constraints

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 25 11:04:03 EDT 2000 | rene

Lately I have noticed that many manufacturers of electronic (components) have problems in setting up their logistics structure in Europe (availability of parts, spares, reverse logistics, RMA shipments, leadtime constraints). Is there anyone who shar

environmental contraints in manufacturing

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 22 11:17:47 EDT 2000 | Mike

Can companies afford to place additional environmental constraints on the manufacturing process?


Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 25 10:30:07 EDT 2020 | majdi4

2 process to increase the robustness of the bga against all constraints

Downtime Calculation

Electronics Forum | Sat Aug 17 07:34:36 EDT 2002 | bentzen

Hi Ken First of all, I think you are right to point out that the uptime should be calculated on the SMD line bottleneck. But I have some comments to your posting in general: The SMD line bottleneck, you say, is always the palcement machine. This i

IPC Class 3 Annular Ring and Fine Pitch BGA Challenges

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 09 06:16:31 EDT 2017 | jamesbarnhart

I think you needed an IPC Class 3 annular ring because for very dense designs, the smaller the annular ring the better, as less space is taken by the pad or via and more space can be dedicated to routing the traces in highly populated areas of the bo

Alternate to X-Ray

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 18 12:31:21 EDT 2001 | ashokdha

Gil For BGA Inspection, What are the other technologies available to us ( e.g. infrared ? ultrasound ? laser ? Mirrors ? ) Can you provide your perspective on that ? How safe and cost effective the X-Ray system is as compared to other methods of i


Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 12 17:58:18 EST 1999 | Jason Nipper

I have been actively experimenting with Selective WS pallets fabricated from Delmat. I need feedback from users on life expectancy, demesion constraints relative to warpage or degradation, and any useful info on ways to maximize life and prevention

SMT Leadframe supplier

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 30 18:34:51 EDT 2010 | ranas

hi, just want to seek info regarding LF supplier who can do flip chip LF with solder nuggets. our supplier from USA is going to be closed due to financial constraint.. Anybody who can recommend.. asia location is preferrable.. thanks, Ranas

Re: Equipment/Line Capability Study

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 25 17:14:40 EDT 2000 | LarryK

Greg, Its an open ended question your asking here. What are you trying to do? Determine if your equipment is able to do what you need? E Determine your floor spacing? Determine what, if any, inspection equipment is needed? Determine constraints/line

ERSA scope?

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 17 09:52:21 EDT 2001 | Mike Kennedy

We have looked into it and were very impressed. I havn't seen another peice of equipment that can bring back visual inspection to a BGA solder joint. We havn't yet purchased one because of budget constraints, but I am keen to eventually get one for o

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