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Conductive Corrugated Boxes

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 10 09:43:21 EDT 2009 | rway

I don't know exactly what you are saying about the configuration of the shipping container, but as long as the pcbs are seperated from the inside non-conductive box, it's fine. The pcbs touching the conductive corrugated box won't hurt anything. Th

Anyone Familiar with Zip-Top Moisture Barrier Bag?

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 26 05:58:17 EDT 2009 | grahamcooper22

Hi, I have no experience of the ZIP TOP bag you refer to but my advice is to follow the guideline of IPC JEDEC 33 for sealing bags containing MSDs....it states' the MBB should be heat sealed'. I cannot imagine that a ZIP will keep the moisture out an

SAC305 soldering to 58Bi/42Sn

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 30 21:28:54 EST 2009 | davef

"Environment Friendly Electronics: Lead-free Technology", J Hwang, Electrochemical Publications, 2001 [0901150401], Chapter 6.2, contains a significant amount of data on 58Bi/42Sn that may help you better understand the 58Bi/42Sn solder alloy. We'r

Cleaning Copper Surface

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 15 20:01:24 EDT 2010 | sarason

I normally use a particularly aggressive Hand Cleaner for cleaning oil off your hands at garages/ workshops and then Benzotriazole. The Hand cleaner comes from an industrial chemical supplier. It usually contains some NaOH while most Hand-cleaners do

oil contaminated PCB cleaning

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 05 11:50:54 EST 2010 | baildl632

I just browsed this article and found no mention of cleaning with a "sonic" washer. We have a PMR Systems Ultrasonic Stencil Cleaner. The manual says it works well on cleaning PCB's for varoius reasons. It works excellent for removing lead. We can wa

BGA: reworking BGAs, testing and inspection

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 08 14:08:08 EST 2010 | sparky_

Greetings, We are looking to purchase equipment to rework / repair our circuit boards with BGAs. Our newer boards are starting to have more and more BGAs. Is there any information that "ranks" BGA rework stations? - a kind of a consumer reports for

Production Floorstock - Let's Brainstorm!

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 30 12:48:40 EDT 2010 | rgduval

oh, yeah... there's a potential issue with AVL utilization per job; depending on how your system is set up now to handle this. If, say, one internal part number contains multiple vendor part numbers, and your MRP system defines which vendor to use

Ersa Hotflow 9 specification

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 15 04:33:56 EDT 2010 | jevans

We've recently purchased a second hand smt line which contains an Ersa Hotflow 9 reflow oven.We were informed that this oven was capable of handling a lead free process.The oven was manufactured in 2000,and it has come to our attention that it can on

Mixing different manufacturers solder pastes

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 01 16:22:47 EDT 2010 | jax

Who Cares... Mix Away! Although you should not mix different Solder Pastes' together in a container or on a stencil (Mostly due to the flux, although solder sphere size and shape could cause an issue), mixing solder brands or chemistries on a board

SWIFFER dust mops

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 04 07:01:43 EDT 2010 | clampron

Good Morning, I had looked into this several years ago. The Swiffer dust mops use static to capture and contain dust particles. That would make this a huge ESD concern. Electrical SMT equipment is grounded so any charge potential generated would be

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